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Has anyone else taken the advantage and privilege of using Comic Vine's 'Activity Feed' as an alternative for 'tweeting' out comic-related rants, etc instead of using your main Twitter or Facebook account? I've been giving thought that people following me who are not comic junkies like myself are not interested in those tweets about how Aquaman is such a badass character again ever since Geoff Johns' on-going run with the new series or how Aquaman #14 was sick and that the crossover is going to be exciting; so I've recently come to think that using the news feed on Comic Vine will be more of a convenient application to tweet about comic stuff with people who love the same interests as myself. If anyone that uses Comic Vine as an alternative for Twitter or Facebook to tweet about comic-related rants, comment below and make sure to follow me! I'll follow back!!

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Can't wait for the new version of Comic Vine to be launched by next month. Hopefully they'll improve on the activity feeds and make it more of an extended network for comic fans, alike.