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Welcome back to another edition Twitter Question of the Week! Every Monday, we ask our followers onTwitter a question about comic books and take their answers and place them neatly into this fine piece of art. This week, we asked, "Which character has the coolest costume and why?" Here's a few of your answers.

Let's see what the staff had to say!

Thank you to EVERYONE that participated this week. If you want to get in on the fun, make sure to follow us on Twitter where we post the question a few times on Mondays, and make sure to use #CVTQ when replying; otherwise, we'll have no clue you answered! If you really want to appear in this weekly article, make sure to answer why. Anyone can just say something, but you have to be able to explain your passion.

Do you have a response but don't have a Twitter account? Let us know what prop you would like to own in the comment section below.

Mat Elfring is a sometimes comedian, always a writer, sometimes on Twitter, sometimes on a podcast, and always hitting "print screen" to make this weekly feature.

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Agent Venom. Tactical when you need it, business when you need it, casual when you need it. Really, it's anything you need.

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Daredevil for me, it's so evocative.

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This will always be my favorite costume, I just think the design has always looked really cool. Also, Green Lantern has always had a pretty cool design.

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The Best Goddamn Costume In the World

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Runner ups

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Nothing else comes close, at least to me.

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Too many for m to choose. Spidey, Batman, Doom, Deathstroke, Snake Eyes, Venom, Taskmaster, Deadpool and Zoom are just some of my favorites.

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I don't know who has the coolest costume, but Ironman's is the most practical.

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SpOck and peters back in black

of course there are a couple amazing batman designs

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Iron man, Deathstroke or Thor for Awesomeness, Ms. Marvel, She hulk or Black cat for sexiness, Captain America, Captain Britain, Superman and Flash for cool comic book looks.

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  • Comics

I like most of Hawkeye's costumes to be honest, but I like this one probably cause it makes the most sense.

  • Movies

I don't think I need to explain these, they're both just overall awesome all-round,

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Black Panther, SpOck, Red Robin and Daredevil

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Pretty gay costume.

Also since i can only make on comment without refreshing the page Deadpool definatly has the best comic book costume.

Whoa buddy listen, I'm not a particular individual who's feelings are hurt by words on the internet, but if I had been you may have made me feel bad for no particular reason. That being said though, what really bothers me is that your using "Gay" as an insult, and C'mon man, we know that's not cool. Now I know maybe you had a rough day, or your just on edge (I sure am today) but I also know that behind the keyboard your probably a decent guy, so for the sake of yourself and other people's feelings, just try and exercise a little sensitivity.

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Ha sorry man i know you from youtube figured it would be some friendly joking

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@thewalkingdeadpool18: Oh you do? well if I had known that then totally man, sorry for dropping all of that on you, hope we're cool.

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@rustyroy said:
The Best Goddamn Costume In the World


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I'd have to go with Deadpool. The "badass ninja mercenary" look wins any day. Not to spandex-y, not to realistic. Plus, it's got guns & swords.


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My boy

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@rustyroy said:
The Best Goddamn Costume In the World

Totally true. Its meant to be cool and terrifying at the same time!!

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New 52 Superman

A great rendition of the classic Superman costume that still keeps the essentials but adds a very cool factor to it.

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@captainmarvel4ever: I know you from youtube too! Topjaw3, my display pic is SPB, same as this one.

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Moon Knight and Spiderman

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Keeping with the trenchcoat theme:

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always loved quasar's look

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V from V For Vendetta. Incredibly evocative and instantly iconic.

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I've always liked Jack Knight's tank goggles, jacket, blue jeans and sheriff's badge. A kinda casual superhero look.

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I am just in love with this design.

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Tie in my opinion: :

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iron man forever and ever .