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For years I didn't pay any attentions to live action tv shows, I only watched cartoons, simpsons, south park, Harvey Birdman, that kind of stuff. But a few years ago I started watching lost and I became instantly addicted to it, what a great show, the narrative and the characters are better than most of the thing I've seen in movies in the last few years. After LOST I tried other shows like six feet under, dirty sexy money, fringe and some others. There are still many things that I don't like about TV for example having to wait from one season to another and that ratings can kill a show even if its good and that many times creativity is compromised by ratings, this two things didn't happen to lost but definitely happens to many other shows. 
I think that TV is the new place where the best stories and new narratives are appearing and I'm glad I started to watch more.

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It's great that you've discovered the wonders of live-action TV (you will also discover some really awful live-action TV as you watch it more, but let's not focus on that for the moment). Good for you :)

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@mimschkin: wait till he discovers reality T.V. which will totally destroy his faith in humanity
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@joshmightbe: Yes, well, there's that too. On the other hand you can't have the good without the bad, right??
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@mimschkin: true, but they need to come up with something really good for making jersey shore tho just to balance out the universe