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check it out, jeff squared can do no wrong!!

And personally ,even though I love him, I hope Shazam gets his ass handed to him..

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I'm so pumped for this

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I didn't know that Lemire was co-writing the event. That has me significantly more excited.

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Brace yourselves...

Trinity War is coming

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The battle-scene promo art is my wallpaper right now. If the story has a feel anywhere near as epic as that scene, this will be awesome (surprised it's only going to be 6 total issues -- though I guess I should be thankful it's that & not a main-book with TONS of tie-ins in other titles).

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I don't want this to happen.It looks so bad!

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Dc is just continuing to copy Marvel in having superheroes fight superheroes. If you can't beat them, join them.

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So is this just including a handful of characters? Or is it including all?

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More characters are probably involved such as villains like Black Adam or maybe the whole Secret Society. Captain Marvel shazam is probably on the side of the circle of eternity wizards. There will probably be surprise villains at the very end who Pandora was warning about at the end of Flashpoint.