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This is my forum for the Trinity War I'm going to start on what I know about whos might be involved in the Trinity War.

The Justice League is obviously going to be involved but I do not know why the Justice League of America will be involved since they seem to be more of a government team and the Trinity War is mostly Universe or Magical Conflict I'm going to assume that Captain Marvel will be playing a role in the Trinity War though

Whats weird about the picture we got for the Trinity War though it seems that Captain Marvel is wearing the Black Adam Suit

It looks like Aquaman's wife Mera is somehow involved

We also know that Trigon is somehow involved in the with the Trinity War based of information from The Phantom Stranger and Teen Titans 13 and 14

Also that Wonder Girl is involved with Trigon since her powers have a connection to the Church of Blood making it possible that the Teen Titans will have a big role in the Trinity War, this could be were the side kicks like Wonder Girl and Kid Flash meet their mentor and possibly getting Teen Titans more involved with the Justice League

Another thing I noticed was that the Ravagers have a connection to the Church of Blood from issues 3 and 4

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Maybe the government and JLA decides to take one side in the trinity war. The government is involved bec. Pandora stole the magic artifact from the government store room and the government probably wants the magic artifact back. Mera will become a member of one of the Justice Leagues. Captain Marvel will probably also become a member of one of the Justice Leagues.