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So recently I have been tending to my varied collection of comic books. I have been bagging, boarding, filing, boxing and generally admiring it. Then it hit me: I can't keep this up.

My collection is already filling three very large long-boxes that fill my room up. On top of that, they're a tad unsightly. As a consequence, I've been thinking about switching entirely to the trade format.

I already have a tonne of trades, primarily hardcover editions, and they look beautiful on my bookshelves. They take up less room than comics, are more readily accessible and more easily moved.

My question then, readers, is this. Have any of you attempted to make this switch? If so, was it successful, or do you regret it?

I love my comic book store, so I'd still be buying from there for the social aspect of the hobby. Coming home with a pile every Wednesday, though, just seems less-and-less feasible and, ultimately, unsustainable.

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My main problem with switching would be having to wait much longer for things to be released. I'd rather have a small monthly 'fix' than have to wait months to get a whole arc in one go.

I do see that a shelf full of TPBs does look pretty good, and with a collected edition, I fell a little less worried about damaging it than when reading single issues.

I imagine someone else will have a better answer, but this is all I can say.

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I have switched (or rather I went back into comics and choose to stick with trades). What bugs me the most is getting old material as not everything has been released in trades. Even newer stuff is not always kept in print. I haver recently started to pick trades up where I already have the the single issues. It is a bid annoying but at the same time nice since the flow reading trades are much better than reading single issues. I also don't have a problem stop reading trades either mid in issues or where an issue is finished.

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Yeah, I suppose there is always that. Still, if I can start collecting new material in trades then I imagine that filling up the gaps in my collection with single-issues won't take up nearly as much space/time as buying and storing several comics on a weekly basis.