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I can't wait for the trades to come out, but I guess the only true way to be a fan of a book is to buy it. But comics are expensive and torrenting is not supporting the the books at all.  
If you buy the book do some of you guys buy the trade, as well? - or - Once you are caught up do you starting pulling singles at that point.  ( 60 miles to the nearest comic shop)
for example, I want to buy Aquaman Vol.1. However, the Vol.2 doesn't come out till May, so once I read Vol.1.which only has 6 issues I gotta feed the need. I can't wait just for the trades 
So I have to make a trip to a comic shop and load up or ebay.  
Comixology is out of the question because that just doesn't feel real. 
What are your habits? How do you purchase and deal with the fact you can't own it all?     

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It depends. Usually if there is a series I'm just shaking to read - I go for the issues. Trade helps if I want to catch up with smth or try smth new. I barely buy both of this same story. But really want to buy Night of the Owls trade for example, as it is just an extraordinary comic.

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I only read trades in order to catch up on a series, then switch to the individual issues.  
HOWEVER, there are some titles that I only read the trades of, such as, Army of Darkness, Hack/Slash, and CHEW.

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I only read trades. I find books to be a mesh to keep them. You don't become less of fan for reading trades. However you are not a part of the comic culture in the same which is a different subject.