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So christmas is coming up in about a month and I was wondering if anyone knew any good trade paperbacks I could ask santa for.  Could be anything marvel, d.c., blah. I was just thinking of getting Red Robin, and decided I should ask you guys for any ideas.

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old man logan

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Yeah red robin is a really good series and it's worth buying. Have you ever read The Ultimates? One of my personal favorites. Maybe you could ask that.

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@goosehorn: I've read it before, but I think it's worth keeping. Thanks
@-The Renegade-:
Good idea, but is that in the ultimate universe? I dont really follow if it is, so would I be confused?
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Yeah it's in the ultimate universe, but I don't think you'll be lost at all.

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I recommend both volumes of red robin, the new batgirl was a really entertaining read as well. And for the ultimates, you wouldn't be lost, if you only get the books set before ultimatum, otherwise you may have a little difficulty following the story, since there was so many deaths in it.  If you would be a bit more specific in your interests, I'd make you a short list of some good tpbs for you.

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Identity Crisis 
Batman: Hush 
Superman: Birthright 
Superman: Last Son 
All of those are great reads from DC