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Do comic books have any inherent advantages over TPB volumes?  Just looking at the facts, TPB volumes are easier to find, they don't have adverts (or not as many), and entire arcs can be read without the hassle of buying individual comics week to week (which in some cases means less trips to the comic book store). 
I'm not trolling, I understand the appeal and value of comic books, but for the life of me, TPB volumes seem magnitudes more convenient.  To a non-collector, TPB volumes appear to be the more attractive choice. 
I would like to go back and read all of Geoff John's GL stories, and I'm leaning towards TPB volumes for the accessibility, cost, and convenience.  Now don't get me wrong, if I had the time and money to hunt down and purchase every single issue from Rebirth to Brightest Day and everything inbetween, I would.  But cost and convenience aren't qualities so easily ignored. 
What do you guys think?  I'll be buying upcoming comic books week to week starting at the end of August, but for catching up on Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, and whatever else I've overlooked, would it be a better idea to invest in the TPB volumes?

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@_jackbauer: Unless you're really into collecting or can wait a few month before reading an issue TPB are the way to go no question ask, well for the parts that are available.
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I like to read comics because:
1. I like "collecting" them. Sure, they won't be mint (they lose the title after being read), but they are still collectible. 
2. I like to stay up-to-date.
That said, I'm like a month behind.

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@_jackbauer: I started reading the Geoff John's GL stories about 1 year ago. I DEFINITELY recommend the TPB volumes. They are cheaper than the individual issues, easier to find, and the lack of adverts between story pages makes for a much better, more immersive reading experience.  
I burned through them pretty darn quickly! I didn't take any shortcuts either. I have every issue of GL in TPB form, plus various GL Corps stories that tied in.  
The only thing is, that if you end up enjoying them as much as I did, and reading them as quickly as I did, you will soon find yourself with no more trades to read! When I got to Blackest Night, only the hardcovers were out. They were a tad more pricy than the TPB's but I decided to take the plunge and buy them. By the time I got done with them, the Brightest Day trades were MONTHS from release, and I was too far behind the current series to just pick up and read.  
I ended up borrowing Brightest Day issues from a friend, then picking up the issues of War of the GLs. Now I'm up to date!  
I still plan to buy the Brightest Day hardcovers, once they're all released.  
So yeah, I'd recommend buying GL/GLC issues as they are released from September onwards. Just save them until you catch up. Or you could stick to the trades, and start stockpiling the issues at a later date, once you've judged your reading pace on the trades. 
Of course your other choice is to skip the trades altogether and pick up from GL #1 in September. 
Johns' run has been pretty darn solid, so I recommend reading at least SOME of the trades. 
If you have any questions about reading order, feel free to PM me. It gets tricky need to find the places to splice in the select essential GLC trades. Also, the Blackest Night arc doesn't read like any of the other trades. You have to get the 3 main volumes, and switch between them 'in medias res' in order to get the full story.  
It's unconventional, but epic. 
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TPB. Because like manga I want the complete stories.

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I prefer trade since I just got comfortable with the fact that I'll always be behind on current series.