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So this topic is merely for fellow viners to put down what is their current top 5 favourite titles for each of the publishers; DC, Marvel, Image and any other publisher which you think deserves to be mentioned.

This is just a topic for viners to see what specific titles other viners like from each specific publisher, and perhaps why (optional).

These are mine:


  1. Thor God of Thunder (One of my all-time favourite comic book characters)
  2. Deadpool (Another favourite character, but great comedy in the title)
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy (Great characters/team, interesting concept)
  4. Superior Spider-man (Never really liked Spider-man but enjoying the twist in this title)
  5. Indestructible Hulk (Again, never really liked Hulk but enjoying the writing in this story alot)


  1. Superman Unchained (One of my current favourite characters being written by a writer I enjoy, loving the art too)
  2. Green Lantern (Another character I have enjoyed, enjoying the new run by Venditti)
  3. Green Arrow (Never really took much interest in this character but enjoying the writing in this series)
  4. Green Lantern Corps (Enjoying the writing of other human GLs)
  5. Nightwing (Always enjoyed reading a solo story of one of the ex-Robin's, liking the art too)

I am currently not reading any titles from any other publisher, hope to change this soon.

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Dc (i don't read much of DC):

1. Green Arrow (Lemire is killing it)

2. Detective Comics (New arch looks awesome)

3. Batman and Aquaman (Not a fan of Zero Year at the moment and Aquaman is great)

4. Justice League (Only for the trinity war)

5. Justice League of America (See above)


1. Uncanny X-Men (Cyclops revolution !)

2. Daredevil (Awesome run)

3. All New X-Men (Pretty good)

4. Thor: God of Thunder (Never loved Thor but this is good)

5. Cable and X-Force (Not so good but i'm a Cable and Colossus fan)

The only other titles that i'm reading are Thanos Rising and Infinity (when it's going to come out)

I'm planning on adding Superior Spider-Man and maybe some other titles that you guys will recomend in this thread.

I don't read any other publisher too.

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1. Daredevil (My third favorite character of all time combined with an engrossing story, and sublime art. It's just incredible)

2. Thor: God of Thunder ( It has my sixth favorite comic character, an epic mythologic story, and incredible art. Another incredible title.)

3. Indestructible Hulk (It features my seventh favorite character, consistently great art, and arguably the best writer in comics right now, Mark Waid, providing an incredible story as usual.0

4. Scarlet Spider (It features my fourth favorite comic character, has a great on a consistent basis, and is a heartfelt comic exploring Scarlet Spider trying to become a great hero. IMO, most underrated comic.)

5. Uncanny Avengers (It has my favorite comic character (Wolverine), classic Avengers conflict, great art, and an engrossing Horseman of Apocalypse storyline.)


1. Aquaman (Has consistently engrossing storylines, some of the best art in comics, and has made me love Aquaman.)

2.Green Arrow since issue #17 (Cool story, insanely great art, and features one of my favorite DC characters.)

3.Batman ( Awesome story, beautiful art, and a great writer in Scott Snyder)

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1. Daredevil

2. All New X-Men

3. Deadpool

4. Scarlet Spider

5. Savage Wolverine


1. Batman

2. Aquaman

3. Wonder Woman

4. Flash

5. Green Arrow

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1. Justice League (Johns takes too much flack for his work on this title, in my opinion. It's not deep stuff, but that's okay. I've been greatly enjoying it. The art has been consistently stellar too.)

2. Batman (Snyder is doing a fantastic job with his stories, supported by the excellent atmospheric artwork of Capullo. Everything just fits.)

3. Action Comics (Morrison's run has been great... even though the pieces don't usually fit together in a way that's obvious right away. That's to be expected though. This has been the deeper stuff that JL isn't.)

4. Nightwing (Always like me some Nightwing, even though the stories and art have been hit-and-miss so far. Loved the Court of Owls tie-ins.)

5. Justice League of America

Everything Else


2. Gambit

3. Indestructible Hulk

4. The Flash

5. Swamp Thing

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  1. Scarlet Spider
  2. Hawkeye
  3. Indestructible Hulk
  4. Daredevil
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy


  1. Earth 2
  2. Animal Man
  3. Green Lantern New Guardians
  4. Batman/Superman
  5. Superman Unchained


  1. Nowhere Men
  2. Saga
  3. Bedlam
  4. East of West
  5. Clone

What the fudge, guys? No Image readers here?

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I can't get on the GotG bandwagon. To me Bendis' version pales in comparison to what DnA did. But I digress...

1) Thor

2) Daredevil

3) Hawkeye

4) New Avengers

5) Fearless Defenders

I'm not currently reading DC but I do pick up issues that catch my eye and it seems that whatever Scot Snyder is writing tends to be awesome

The only other book from another publisher I'm reading is East of West from Image

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Nice guys, some interesting choices there. Slightly sad to see not much GL hype amongst some of the viners. Gotta love GL.

What the fudge, guys? No Image readers here?

I'm getting there. I'm extremely interested in the upcoming Black Science series this November, looks great from the preview. Chances are that title will be my first Image title.

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DC 1.batman 2.batwoman 3. Nightwing 4. Green arrow 5. Aquaman

Marvel 1. Daredevil 2. Hawkeye 3. Thor god of thunder 4. Ultimate spiderman 5. Wolverine & the xmen

Other publishers 1. TMNT 2. Conan the barbarian 3. XO manowar 4. Walking dead 5. Hellboy

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What the fudge, guys? No Image readers here?

When Image gets 5 good titles, I'll be happy to rank them.

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1. Daredevil

2. Deadpool

3. Hawkeye


5. Venom


1. Batman

2. Green Lantern

3. Aquaman

4. Green Arrow

5. Superman unchained.


1. Ten Grand

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1) Animal Man
2) Red Hood
3) Batman & Robin
4) Supergirl
5) Green Lantern


1) Hawkeye
2) Uncanny X-Force
3) Uncanny X-Men
4) Deadpool
5) Wolverine & the X-Men

Image (I'm only reading these 3 right now, but the first two at least rank higher than anything else on my list, planning to add some more soon):

1) Saga
2) Chew
3) Invincible

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1) Guardians of the Galaxy
2) Captain America
3) Hawkeye
4) Deadpool
5) New Avengers


1) Shadowman
2) Quantum and Woody
3) Bloodshot


1) The Legend/Strange Talent of Luther Strode

These are in no particular order. I've not been reading comics terribly long, but that's what I have so far.

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  1. New X-Men--It's uncanny how well the premise of this title has been pulled off. I had major doubts going in, but I love this title.
  2. New Avengers--Strong characterization, a cosmic dilemma that I can actually wrap my head around, beautiful art
  3. Savage Wolverine-- Remember when comic books were actually fun to read? The creators of this title do.
  4. Daredevil: End Of Days-- I don't care if it was a finite series that just ended. It's the best damn title Marvel has put out all year.
  5. Uncanny Avengers---Slow start, but the series is starting to come together for me. With Sunfire and Havok in a monthly, it was never going to be hard for this title to win me over.


  1. Batman, Inc.-- Grant Morrison gets to finish telling his story. Hard to believe under DC's current restrictive regime.
  2. Green Arrow-- It took almost a year and a half... and a soft reboot...but I can actually read this title now without wincing.
  3. Earth 2--- At least while Robinson is still writing it. After that...
  4. Batwoman -- No better artist currently working for Marvel or DC.
  5. Aquaman-- Always been my favorite character.

I collect a lot of titles from Independents, but not five from any one.

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@jairamganpat said:

What the fudge, guys? No Image readers here?

When Image gets 5 good titles, I'll be happy to rank them.

lol you have no taste. :p

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  1. Uncanny Avengers
  2. Thor God Of Thunder
  3. Injustice Gods Among Us
  4. Guardians Of The Galaxy
  5. Justice League
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  1. Secret Avengers - It is fun, action packed, and full of twists and turns. Spencer is fitting in a lot of great action in the book with a lot of quality humor and character moments.
  2. Thor: God of Thunder - It is a fantastic story though and through, and Ribic's art is great the each and every issue.
  3. New Avengers - It's a great character piece on the Illuminati as they deal with an impossibly horrible event. It is great to see how they react and plan while trying to keep their morals. Steve Epting's art is perfect for the book.
  4. Hawkeye - Great mixture of comedic and heartfelt story telling which is matched perfectly by Aja's art.
  5. Daredevil or Hulk - Not sure which of Mark Waid's stories I would put here. Both are fantastic and definitely worth a read.


  1. Harbinger - Top three book I read each month. It has been extremely entertaining with each issue getting better and better.
  2. Harbinger Wars - It's only a mini-series, but it has been great and I am very much looking forward to its completion.
  3. X-O Manowar - This is probably in my top five ongoing titles at the moment. The Planet Death arc was great and very excited to see the Eternal Warrior in the current arc and am looking forward to seeing him in his own series in the fall.
  4. Fatale - Can't go wrong when Brubaker and Phillips get together for a pulp book. It has a great feel and a very interesting story that keeps you guessing every step of the way.
  5. Saga - I'm not as high on this book as most people who are reading it. It is an interesting story with beautiful art, but it may be sacrificed from the pull list for another Valiant title.


  1. Swamp Thing - Excellent book that just started a new arc a couple issues ago that is really exploring how Swamp Thing can balance his role as the Avatar of the Green while trying to keep what's left of his humanity
  2. Batman - I have enjoyed the series so far. Was a little disappointed with the ending of the Night of the Owls and Death of the Family though.
  3. Animal Man - Although I recently dropped the book, it was still very good.
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1 venom

2 scarlet spider

3 indestructible hulk

4 xmen (all females is cool)

5 avengers

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Captain America

Scarlet Spider

Guardians of the Galaxy

Uncanny X-men


Green Lantern

Green Arrow

Green Lantern Corps


Valiant: Bloodshot

XO Manowar


Harbinger Wars


Image: Saga

East of West


Chin Music

and soon to be adding Black Science and Southern Bastards

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1. Deadpool- ( Liking the new pool story a lot so far, plus Iron man & heroes for hire throwback issues were both SUPER entertaining and funny, both were instant classics in my book.)

2. Guardians of the Galaxy- Each issue so far feels like a real adventure, I can't wait for the next one to come out as soon as I finish the newest one

3. Uncanny XForce - Not as good as rememders uncanny xforce, but I still really enjoy it. Great art, awesome group of heroes, unique story.

4. Indestructible Hulk- Really good writing for this one, both plot and dialogue.

5. Thunderbolts- I will totally admit the writing for this isn't great, as far as plot goes. So far the plot has totally been confusing, or has just felt off or wrong somehow. But I still love the series somehow, good dialogue and pretty bad ass characters.( If deadpool were not in this series I would totally stop buying and reading it.)

Other Publishers/DC

1. Star Wars: Legacy- WHY HAVE YOU NOT READ THIS YET IT'S AWESOME! blows other star wars comics out of the water! If you like star wars, get this comic! This comic so far (only 4 issues to date) has been the best star wars comic I've ever read. Added this to my pull list as soon as I finished the first issue.

2. Redhood- Jason Todd.

3.Batwoman- AMAZING art! The writing is good too, but I often find myself just staring at the pages admiring the art.

4. East of west- best image comic in my humble opinion, props to image for being so unique.

5. The Bounce- Again Image is unique. This comic has got "style".

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  1. Uncanny X-men (Cyclops and Mags = awesome)
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy (feels different from the others, but not 'unique' like DnA's run)
  3. Uncanny Avengers (Havok baby!...)
  4. Captain America
  5. Ultimate Comics Spider-man


  1. Batman
  2. Aquaman
  3. Flash
  4. Earth 2
  5. Swamp Thing

Other Publisers:

  1. Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (most favourite ongoing out of any comic i'm reading)
  2. Saga
  3. Invincible
  4. X-O Manowar
  5. Archer and Armstrong
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Detective comics:

1-Superman Unchained

2-Green Arrow

3-Green Lantern


5-Justice League