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Here I will simply list my top 5 comics for November I'll count down to one. Please give me any feedback about this since feedback is always welcome.


Deadpool #1

This is the first of the Marvel Now! #1s I got for November and it's one of my favourites. Deadpool is a great character yet sometimes poorly portrayed but this is a great book and a lot of fun. I like the idea of undead presidents since it fits well with the absurdity of Deadpool and the presidents are pretty funny since there are a few political jokes. Deadpool is very well portrayed as well with him making a lot of jokes. The art by Tony Moore really fits the book really well and draws some great action scenes. This is one of the best number ones of the month and very enjoyable.

4. All new X-men #2

This was the Marvel Now! series I was the most apprehensive about the idea of the original X-men coming forward in time was pretty bad idea but I tried out issue 1 and liked it but Issue #2 was astonishing. This issue features the coming forward in time of the original X-men and Bendis pulls it off in a great way, he uses his normal humorous dialogue and character drama to pull of in a great issue. We get some funny dialogue and some very interesting developments with Beast. People say that Bendis is a bad writer he's not this is great and really well written and one of my favourite number ones ever. The art is so good and some of the best artwork around pick this book up it's really good.

3. Indestructible Hulk #1

This was the Marvel now series I was most looking forward too I love the Hulk and I love Mark Waid and Lenil Francis Yu so I had to pick this book up and it didn’t disappoint. This issue is very new reader friendly you don’t need to know a lot about the previous series to pick this up. This is a slow first issue but most first issues are it sets everything up very well and while half of this issue is a conversation but it’s interesting and the dialogue is good and the action scene in this issue is really good and has some great art. The art is spectacular and fits the book very well. This is the best Marvel Now! Number one I have read and possibly the most promising Marvel Now series.

2. Swamp-thing #14

This is my favourite series Swamp-thing is my favourite DC character but this issue comes second because the first one was in my opinion just better not by much just slightly this is still my favourite series because I’ve been collecting it for longer and has been very consistent but the other one is just slightly better. This is probably my favourite issue of the series that I have read Rotworld is amazing and this is no different it is wonderfully written and illustrated and has probably my favourite Swamp-thing panel ever it is so well laid out and drawn. It establishes what has been happening with Abby and also sets everything up very well for Alec’s journey to Gotham in the next issue. The art is spectacular and Yanick Paquette is fast becoming one of my favourite artists. Everyone should buy this series it is really good and it is my favourite.

1. Batman #14

What did you think was going to come first? Sorry but this storyline is so good and it only has had two issues this is the best Joker in years it is so well written and so clever. The Joker is so creepy and this is the best depiction of him I have seen since the Killing Joke he is so scary and the stuff he does just leaves you on the edge of your sheet it is really tense from start to finish. The twists in this story are amazing and unexpected the bit with Gordon was so shocking. I also liked the references to the Joker and Batman’s past encounters but instead of replaying them they change them in different ways. I also like the idea of incorporating other members of the Bat family we don’t get a lot of these kind of stories and it’s even better when the Joker’s involved. This is the best issue of the month it is incredible and one of the best issues I have ever read get it you won’t regret it.

So what did you think what your favourites were and tell me if I should continue doing this.

Runners up

Uncanny X-force #34

All new X-men #1

Uncanny Avengers #2

Captain America #1

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I am digging the Batman review.

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't Scott writing Swamp thing too?

Keep it up.

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Brilliant blog and it's an honour that you have done something similar with one of my ideas. I agree with most of these but I'd probably move Swamp Thing down to 5 even though I loved it.

@slopoke36: Yes Scott wrote Swamp Thing to. He's truly a great writer

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I heard he also going to be working on a superman story arc this summer can't wait for that.

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@slopoke36: Yes I'm looking forward to that, with Jim Lee as well