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Comics are filled with heros and even villians with superstrength and a high resistance to injury.

Who are your top 3 strong guys or gals who dont have flight in their powerset and tell why? (this is not a who is strongest thread)

Here are mine:

1. Colossus

reason: I loved how Colossus has been portrayed personality wise since his debut until recently (i dont like how he kills so easily now ).That gentle , artist , introspective Peter needs to come back!!!! I also liked the fact that some artist draw him lean and not bulky. (i dont like the bulky look for colossus) . I think this lean look adds to why i love him and place dhim as my number one because his strength can be underestimated because he was a bulkiy as the hulk or thing. Also his powerto turn into organic steel and how he looks when he does is just awesome!

2. Thing (Ben Grimm)

Reason: His look! i love the unconventional large awkward looking orange rocks thing! Again his personality adds to his charm. A good soul at heart but also the fact that he is a down right brawler. int he past he has fought opponents who outclassed him in strength but his stamnina nad heart when he fough tthem was always what got me. He doesnt usually wear shoes too and still looks cool! :)

(this is my favorite outfit of ben's)

3. She- hulk

REASON: She's green, sexy, at least 7 ft tall and pure power! who wouldnt like that?????? She's a powehouse, that can heal quickly and probably has one of the most confident personalities in comics!!!!

I also like that she is a lawyer as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent

I only like when she is drawn lean though. Just like with colossus, i think it works better with she hulk not being overly muscular but feminine and lean.

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1) Flex Mentallo (from Doom Patrol) - I guess technically he could fly if he wanted to because his power is muscle mystery (he flexes and strange things happen) but I don't think he was ever shown flying. Just an overall great character concept that pokes fun at a number of different common comic book themes.

2) Groot (from Guardians of the Galaxy) - Does he count as a strongman? I don't care, he's awesome either way. Another great character concept that;s really taken off. He even has his own catchphrase (sorta).

3) Cyborg (from Teen Titans) - Again, idk if he counts as a strongman, but he does have greater than normal strength and resistance so I'll include him. All around great support character. You have someone who can not only keep up with any street leveler in terms of physical performance, but also someone who can instantly access information, connect to/override systems, flawlessly interact with machinery/computers, and also has lasers. Very cool character.

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Luke Cage: One of the First Black heroes I heard of besides Storm and Spawn. I love how he never backs down and even when outclassed (Wonderman and Namor are examples) He never runs and hides.

Thing: I love tough guys with a heart of gold. Despite his deformity, he keeps a smile on his face and joy in his heart. That shows real strength.

Grey Hulk/Joe Fixit. This was hard, because I love Green Hulk, Savage Dragon, Hellboy and Spider-Man (Parker lifted a train) But remember when I said I love tough guys? Grulk is tough only on the outside. On the inside, he is insecure, and it shows in his attitude. He claims to be the "strongest one there is" but knows that with the Green original running around and Ben (who kicked his ass) that he will never be. Also he is a bit of a dbag, which makes it fun to see him get socked in the mouth.

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She-Hulk, Juggernaut, Solomon Grundy

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  1. Hulk
  2. Juggernaut
  3. The thing

Close between the thing and colossus

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Thing, Hellboy, Orion, Bane, does Clayface count? Juggernaut... More, but can't think right now

I'll go with Hellboy, Orion, and Juggernaut

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Hulk...I wanna say Beast, but then again I guess he isn't really that strong. And Thing.

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  1. Hercules
  2. Thing
  3. He-Man


  1. Thundra
  2. Big Barda
  3. She-Hulk
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Big Barda

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Hulk (because Hulk smash!)

Darkseid (strong and a genius)

Strong Guy (the quintessential "strong guy")

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strong guy