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Hmm it is an ok list. I certainly know people will disagree with it just because of Batman and Superman's placement. But I like that WW made it in the top 5. I think James Gordon is rated too high. Also surprised at no Emma Frost and that they bothered with others like Moon Knight, Black Widow and Namor. Also I don't think Green Arrow and Professor X should even make the list but that might be me. These jump out at me; there are of course other things I can pluck at.

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Based on how important Wonder Woman has been for comics she should have be ahead of Wolverine.  Captain Marvel should have been in the top 20 at least;. . And there should be no way Barry Allen should be 49 but Catwoman coming in at 20.
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Punisher #27! :( thats just dumb!
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Ka-Zar but no Conan?

BP is 51? (facepalm)

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Stupid list

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 WW 5? what an absurd list. It's just a list of heroes numbered thanks to the marketing around them and not their true value.
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How did Namor and Deadpool make it but Kyle Rayner did'nt?

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Fails on too many levels.

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Daredevil got too high, Nightwing should've been over him, So should've have been Iron Man. This lsit of top 100 semeedd like jsut who beien in leading storyline and who has new found popularity, This 100 comic book heroes should be a list of who has the biggest icon status over lets say the past 3-4 decades.
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Well any subjective list seen as objective is going to get a lot of criticism but I think this list has a decent balance of the two.

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Though people on IGN ar episisng too much over a list with ficitional heroes, Its not that serious and it's not like it'a  lsit you have to believe in, If you disagree so much make your own top 100 list.