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1. Reed Richards - Mister Fantastic

2. Bruce Wayne - The Batman

3. Tony Stark - Ironman

4. Henry Pym - Antman

5. Hank McCoy - The Beast

6. Bruce Banner - The Hulk

7. Barbara Gordon - Batgirl/Oracle

8. Peter Parker - Spiderman

9. Charles Xavier

10. Ray Palmer - The Atom

My Opinion is that, I don't think Spidey is smart enough to be in the Top Ten. Same with Barbara Gordon.
Charles Xavier isn't smarter than Ray Palmer, I think he's "wise" instead. Ray Palmer is pretty damn smart.
Mr. Fantastic deserves Number 1.
Batman deserves Number 2.
Ironman deserves Number 3.
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First thing I have to say, Mister Terrific needs to be somewhere on the list.

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I think Batman is smarter than Reed. But I am not one of those people who think he's a God with prep.

Banner is smarter than Pym and McCoy.

Peter is Smarter than Barbara. By the way, Spider-man was spelled wrong.

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Amadeus Cho needs to be on the list.

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I think the majority of the people on that list may be the smartest in their respective fields, but they pale in comparison to omni-intellects like Brainiac 5, Tom Thumb, The Chief, Mr. Terrific, & Dr. Nemesis.

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i think batman is kind of overrated when it comes to intellect hes smart but i dont think he should go up there with the super-geniuses.

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Superman would be pretty smart, built fortress of solitude, knows how to not destroy cities, has contingency plans on how to defeat foes, as Clark Kent he's able to act a clumsy persona to make him seem un superman like. Etc.

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Most Smartest??

anyway, I don't like this list...

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Batman is ingenious, but not a genius. He can't create a super robot or the ultimate nullifier. But he can figure stuff out. I think black panther deserves an honorable mention at very least. I've always thought that DC's heroes are stronger than marvels, but marvels brainy heroes are smarter than DC's. Not saying it's good to be smarter or stronger just the different direction each company goes in.

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Batman is not the same level with the others on this list.... he is more of a street smart..

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Not many people might agree but I don't see people that have no super powers as superheroes. I.E. Batman. No super powers, not a superhero.

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Swipe out Parker for Mr Terrific and swipe out Barbara Black Panther.

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First I must ask if English is your first language, if not then I'll let the grammar and title slide. If so then this might get the coveted most unintentionally ironic post of the decade.

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Bruce Banner #6 ...No

Tony Stark and Hank Pym above Bruce NOO

Batman ABOVE Bruce Banner NOOOO

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Depends on the field. For example, Bruce Wayne is a better detective than anyone on the list, Tony is a better engineer. Reed is probably the best physicist, while Bruce Banner knows more about gamma radiation than anyone.

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What about Brainiac 5 and Superman.

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Well,the above list was incorrect,the correct list is-

1.Anthony Edwart Tony Stark-Iron man

2.Reed Richards-Mister Fantastic

3.Robert Bruce Banner-The Hulk

4.Hank Pym-Ant man

5.Peter Parker-Spiderman

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@thecannon: Watch out if you say batman good with something they call you a Batman Fan boy also i think Batman is the Smartest batman been able to hackin to even Darkseid and then some he runs a tech company that one of the best

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Most Smartest. Anyways, Ray Palmer is way smarter than Babs and Spidey

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@arindamdas874: Umm.. How is Spidy even where near one the smartest Superheros that the dumbest thing I've seen on these forums and I've seen alot of dumb stuff one Spidy tops invention is his Web Slingers also IronMan isn't that smart for the fact that he isn't and has no Feats of Genuis he been hacked multiple times by means people some arent even really smart

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Tony and Bruce are ranked way high.

Tony and Bruce are a Tony-Hank situation. Smarter in particular fields. But I'd rank Hank higher than both of them.