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There has been some serious discussion in the WW forums about the possibility of a young, male Wonder Woman sidekick....or to be specific a Wonderboy.

With Donna missing, Cassie no longer Amazony, male amazons and god children in Azzezerlo's book, is there ground to do this?

If Geoff is introducing Superboy to Superman now, the two actually might just be getting along better than Superman and Supergirl, it could give Wonder Woman some thought about doing the same. The new 52 is supposed to be about doing new things, taking risks.

Problem is, Azzerzezlo (How do you spell that?) is not in the right time locale to do this, and Geoff's comic has too much on his plate right now.

Does DC have a writer who could manage to create a decent teenage male counterpart of Wonder Woman who would not attract hate like SuperWonder or SpiderOck, like how Bucky Captain America was portrayed?

And what sort of Wonder Boy would be best: the gay ward of a woman, a teenage male who ends up somewhere between having a mother figure and a living dream figure in her, or a young half brother or male amazon child?

Before I had joked about DC giving Slott asylum from the fans....but I am scared about what the guy would do if he was DC.

Let Marvel keep him and Bendis....who could possibly also do it.

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I'm dropping Wonder Woman if they create Wonder Boy...

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@TheCannon: I was implying a mini-series or something....

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@TheCannon said:

I'm dropping Wonder Woman if they create Wonder Boy...

Why? If it's done well... maybe not with the name Wonderboy though...