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Alright, so for my first thread I wanted to make a VS thread, however according to the VS rules this wouldn't be allowed there. Here, you will find a list of heroes and villains who are my Brain team. They are all on the same team, working cohesively with each other. I want to know who you would send against them if you were in it to win it and why. The only rules are they cannot be on my list, they cannon be anime and you cannot use more than 15 characters.

Mr Fantastic

Iron Man



Bruce Banner

Charles Xavier

Lex Luthor

Norman Osborn


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Guess no one finds this interesting. My bad

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T.O Morrow- extremely brilliant in robotics

Brainiac- For alien intelligence

Dr. Doom- Strictly for Reed Richards ;)

Ultra-Humanite- Biological reasoning

Mr. Terrific- A great well-rounded genius

Dr. Sivana- Another good one used to dealing in big things.

Henry Pym/ Ray Palmer- Another great scientist

Beast (Hank McCoy)- For genetics

Doc Magnus- Another robotics guy

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@Merricles: You'd probably get a better response if you posted this in the Battles thread :)