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Posted by k4tzm4n (49107 posts) 1 year, 2 months ago

Poll: Thoughts on the Superman/Batman movie? (Comic Book Question of the Week VOTING) (328 votes)

I'm very excited. 40%
It's way too early to tell. 23%
I'm not looking forward to it. 6%
I'll probably like it... but only if Batman humiliates Superman. 5%
I'll probably like it... but only if Superman isn't downplayed to make Batman look better. 16%
So... where's Wonder Woman? 10%

It's finally happening, Viners. Superman and Batman will be in the same movie. The project will be directed by Zack Snyder and Snyder will also co-write the script with David S. Goyer. It's scheduled to come out in Summer 2015. With just these basic details, how do you feel about the upcoming project?

#51 Posted by Nahuel (391 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish there were an option saying: "I'm super excited, but where's Wonder Woman and the rest of the heroes?", but if I was more exited, I would explode!

#52 Posted by Protoflash (138 posts) - - Show Bio

Im not excited. Not because the idea isnt awesome... It is! But because Man of Steel was so polarising. And with a debate like Batman V Superman being polarising enough. Its poised to create a lot of debate, seeing as the writer and director are the same as in Man of Steel (To my current knowledge). So Im (Kind of) excited to see where it'll go. But im treading very lightly. Especially since Zach Snyder is my LEAST favorite director like, ever. (Except for the obvious ones like M.Knight, Uwe, etc.)

#53 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29510 posts) - - Show Bio

"It's way too early to tell" is essentially the closest option to "I'm waiting for a trailer."


Seriously, "I'm waiting for a trailer" should really be an option instead.

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All I got to say is Batman better win.... None of this "Superman Wins" crap because Batman has won (hmm lets see here) 99% of the time against Superman.


#55 Posted by DEGRAAF (7896 posts) - - Show Bio

Hush - No I meant when Batman beat Superman senseless with his KRYPTONITE ring that he carries with him at all times

Tower of Babel - It was proof that Batman could of beaten them all by himself at any time

Superman Red Son/Dark Knight Strikes Again - its an alternate future, not non-canon.... non-canon means it never happened.... alternate future means that it DID happen and is possible in any reality.

And I'm not saying that Batman has always won.... thats why I said 99% .... Batman has been beaten before I will admit. I aint completely unreasonable lol

I thought Red Son was when Superman lands in USSR rather than Kansas?

#56 Posted by TekTheNinja (766 posts) - - Show Bio

@degraaf said:

@nigravirum1 said:

@degraaf said:

@nigravirum1 said:

All I got to say is Batman better win.... None of this "Superman Wins" crap because Batman has won (hmm lets see here) 99% of the time against Superman.

lol what comics have you been reading? What about the times Batman has lost?

Hush.... Dark Knight Returns..... Tower of Babel.... All of the Superman/Batman series....Superman Red Son... Dark Knight Strikes Again... plus multiple Batman issues (only one I can think of off the top of my head is Batman #428

Hush - You mean when Superman was mind controlled by Poison Ivy and the only way for Batman to win was with the help of Cat Woman and throwing Lois off a building?

Tower of Babel - You mean the one where Batman wasnt the one attacking everyone else? I give points that it was his plan so he most likely could have done it as well.

Superman/Batman Series - Looking Deeper into now

Superman Red Son - non-canon

Dark Knight Strikes Again - non-canon

So what about the Superman issues where Batman loses? Of course Batman is going to win in his own Comic


#57 Posted by Vortex13 (12265 posts) - - Show Bio

So where is Wonder Woman for me.

#58 Edited by TekTheNinja (766 posts) - - Show Bio

@vortex13: WW should have gotten a movie years ago. :(

#59 Posted by SynCig (477 posts) - - Show Bio

I am extremely excited. Probably more excited about the prospect of Batman and Superman appearing on the silver screen together than I was before Avengers and that's saying a lot.

#60 Posted by ccraft (5406 posts) - - Show Bio

"I'm excited for it" & "I'll probably like it... but only if Superman isn't downplayed to make Batman look better."

With all the punishment Supes took in MoS I really doubt Batman will harm him at all.

#61 Posted by DEGRAAF (7896 posts) - - Show Bio

@syncig said:

I am extremely excited. Probably more excited about the prospect of Batman and Superman appearing on the silver screen together than I was before Avengers and that's saying a lot.

Way more excited to see Batman and Superman together than the assembling of Avengers

#62 Posted by ccraft (5406 posts) - - Show Bio

@sandman_ said:


This movie might suck.

This is a movie with.... BATMAN & SUPERMAN WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm very excited! I think it's an excellent decision to introduce Batman this way, instead of doing another origin.

Hopefully this video embed will work. It's hilarious.

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Very excited...and I hope WB are at least starting to plan Wonder Women and the rest of the justice league. I'd like to see the JLA sometime before 2020 :3

#65 Posted by DEGRAAF (7896 posts) - - Show Bio
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I'm excited to see how it turns out. Though I don't like the 2 year wait.

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@nigravirum1: Hah Batman never won one single canon fight against Superman. Superman has beaten Batman almost every single time they've foughten in Canon. If you count Non Canon and Canon fight they've foughten about 12-15 times. Batman won 2 times (both non canon). Superman won 11 times(some canon some non canon) and there was one draw.

#69 Posted by Avilon (118 posts) - - Show Bio

It all depends on how they wright the movie, who they have play Batman (how they wright him too, with Sups power levels in Man of Steel they are going to have to wright it in a way that makes Batman relevant), and who the villain is(Maybe something like what they did with Superman and Batman wanted by the government when Lex Luther was president or some kind of cosmic threat idk). It looks pretty interesting though. All we can do is wait, see, and pray for the best.

#70 Posted by SheenLantern (6801 posts) - - Show Bio

@nigravirum1 said:

@ultimatesmfan: Yes I know... I have to beware all the Superman lovers out there who are wrong and make excuses for every time that Superman has LOST.

Batman has never beaten Superman in canon.

#71 Posted by deaditegonzo (3686 posts) - - Show Bio

@nigravirum1 said:

All I got to say is Batman better win.... None of this "Superman Wins" crap because Batman has won (hmm lets see here) 99% of the time against Superman.


Right? Guy must get all his info from respect threads.

#72 Posted by God_Spawn (38108 posts) - - Show Bio

@dernman said:

They should have done this after MoS 2.

This. Nolan gave us 3 great Batman films. We finally get a great Superman movie and without even letting it the series stabilize, Batman gets injected into yet another DC film. I would honestly have zero problems with a Batman and Superman movie if they actually pushed it back a few years and let Snyder's Superman get a chance to breathe on its own. It's just too soon.

#73 Posted by Vaen (17 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm beyond excited for this movie, and the people criticizing Snyder can suck a lemon. There's not a single director alive today that can match the man's visual style, and it's perfect for film adaptations of comic books. Watchmen was extremely well-crafted and executed, and despite altering the source material to a degree managed to hold the appropriate tone and depict the characters of that book properly (the director's cut even more so). And Man of Steel was the best sci-fi film I've seen District 9, and that's not bias talking because I'm really not that into Superman personally. People will probably question how I could think it was better than either Star Trek or its sequel, but to be honest the villain's motivations in the first film were stupid and in the sequel they were just as bad... that's a discussion for another time. Back on the subject, in terms of visual effects, Man of Steel was better than any other comic book film released to date, although it loses out to movies like V for Vendetta and The Dark Knight in terms of overall cinematography. Its writing was far better than anything Marvel's released since Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, even though it dived into the realm of self-indulging cheese a couple of times ("A good death is its own reward", undoubtedly Goyer's influence). All of the actors involved did an impressive job, I was especially fond of how Crowe handled Jor-El and by far my favorite individual in the movie was Antje Traue as Faora. And I generally think the criticism of Amy Adams as Lois Lane to be pretty ridiculous, and really those opinions are inconsequential as I've taken the time to review previous posting history of a lot of people that made threads complaining about it on imdb and even here and their taste is awful. Like, these are the same people that think a guy like Benedict Cumberbatch (ugly as sin and tiny) should be the next Bruce Wayne because he's played a detective on Sherlock, which isn't even that good of a show. The only thing I didn't particularly care for in Man of Steel were the few lines where Goyer's impressively bad dialogue shined through, and that's it. The story, the massive amounts of internal conflict the characters went through, the action, etc. made it better than anything Marvel's released to date with exception to Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk (and I'm talking strictly Marvel Studios, because Spider-man 2 is still my second favorite comic book film behind The Dark Knight), and better than any other previous DC film except for Begins and The Dark Knight.

Goyer has already proven himself to be great at being the big picture guy that can interweave thematic elements from several different comic book arcs into a single film and make it work, but somebody else needs to handle the actual dialogue. That's the reason I'm happy to see Geoff Johns with a direct writing credit and producer slot for The Flash coming up in 2016, because although there was a lot of controversy around him with 2011's Green Lantern, I'd prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt as he wasn't listed as an actual producer or writer for the film, but merely around to give a bit of advice here and there. He's still the guy that's personally written some of my favorite stories in the past, and continues to do an amazing job on current DC books like Aquaman and I loved his final Green Lantern story. Although, I'm with the other guy that mentioned (may not be here, but on the front page's comments) Warner Bros should just hire Bruce Timm and Paul Dini to produce these films as they've already proven more than capable of adapting these characters into animated format and those movies absolutely crush anything produced that's been live action.

As for the casting of Batman, I'm pretty much sold on Karl Urban. Some people think he's too old at this point if they're looking to make a tentpole franchise, but I disagree. If Dredd showed anything it's that he can maintain a strong presence even when completely silent, which is something you're going to need for Batman. It also showcased that his voice is perfect and as an actor he's far better than a lot of the other names I've seen thrown around here (looking at you Joe Manawhatever your last name and Jake Girlyhall). And for the story it should be centered around an Earth villain as they just did cosmic with Man of Steel, and I think for their first film they could use the story from Superman/Batman #85-87 (The Secret) as the base and progress from there.

#74 Posted by LordRequiem (1318 posts) - - Show Bio

@nigravirum1: There is no Kryptonite in this cinematic universe so far, so how, person that thinks them self clever, do you expect batman to win without that?

#75 Posted by .Longshot. (5264 posts) - - Show Bio

@lordrequiem: Kryptonite was left out of Man of Steel. That doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist, and frankly, it would be crazy for them to do that.

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#77 Posted by davidgrantlloyd (356 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm excited but with a bit of caution. The most important thing is that neither character upstage the other.

Also, maybe after the credits, it would be nice to see a teaser/ cameo of Wonder Woman.

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I'm excited about this but at the same time I'm tired of seeing just Superman and Batman on the big screen all the time for DC.A live-action Wonder Woman film should been made like at least 30 years ago.They haven't even got her on the big screen yet.I hope those Flash movie rumors are true because seeing Flash on the big screen would be a dream come true for me.They also should have characters like Aquaman,and Martian Manhunter on the big screen too.

#79 Posted by nigravirum1 (146 posts) - - Show Bio
#80 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (7390 posts) - - Show Bio

Too early to tell.

#81 Posted by ssejllenrad (12847 posts) - - Show Bio

LOL at people saying Bats won in Hush... It's like Mike Tyson is beating your head to a pulp because he is in a berserk condition and your girlfriend injected him with a calming serum and he stops beating your head cause he's no longer in berserk and suddenly that's a win for you.

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Excited but I want to wait and see. Especially since Warner Brothers has announced a Flash TV show?!

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Basically I'm excited because this is the realization of something that frankly should have happened ten years ago...remember Andrew Kevin Walker's script for "Batman vs. Superman", people? Finally they are moving ahead with something and doing what they set out to do. Let's just hope its handled right. Full speed ahead though I say!

#84 Posted by Extremis (3361 posts) - - Show Bio

@sandman_: that's an understatement. It's close to certainty

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@extremis said:

@sandman_: that's an understatement. It's close to certainty

Want to elaborate? =P

#86 Posted by SandMan_ (4528 posts) - - Show Bio

@extremis: Well, considering the creative team, it looks like we might have a new Superman 4 and Batman and Robin...I may be wrong though.

#87 Posted by blkson (785 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll probably like it... but only if Superman isn't downplayed to make Batman look better.

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Very excited. It's the first DC crossover in history.

If it works, it will be a masterpiece. If it fails, it will be the biggest disappointment in all of the DCCU. It's a fine line that Snyder is walking on, but since he himself has addressed the main concerns that many Comic Book fans share, this film will most likely work. Though I am very interested in seeing how this will pan out. I have high hopes.

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Only sh@T. I have never seen so many whiners in one thread, and in every other thread involving those two. You people have to understand the cool factor when it comes to comics. The cool factor is what ultimately determines the outcomes in fights. Batman happens to be cooler than Superman at the moment, hence that raises the probability of him winning in a fight. The same logic applied to Superman decades back. He was the coolest of the coolest back in the day, and hence could have defeated any other hero (or villain). That's what made Superman into such a power house to begin with.

#90 Posted by M3th (2099 posts) - - Show Bio

The Twilight superhero Saga continues. Are you on Team Clark or Team Bruce?

So... where is Bell...aaaah I... I mean Wonder Woman?

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I've honestly never been more excited about a comic book movie than I have been the past week about this movie. I was very excited for Man of Steel. I thought I had expectations that were never going to be met but when I saw the movie it blew all of my expectations away. It was visually breath taking, the actors made the characters feel real and the story was truly meaningful.

When I was reading the SDCC article for Warner Bros. during the time of the panel, I kept on refreshing the page. I started to read Snyder say that there was a single element in the film that he could let us know about. I assumed that it was going to reveal the villain to be Brainiac or Lex Luthor. As soon as I started to read the quote, said by Harry Lennix, I became misty eyed. Superman and Batman coming together, for the first time ever, on the big screen. It truly is a dream come true, I honestly can't explain it any better.

#92 Posted by Rick_Grayson (820 posts) - - Show Bio

@m3th said:

The Twilight superhero Saga continues. Are you on Team Clark or Team Bruce?

So... where is Bell...aaaah I... I mean Wonder Woman?

Never. Ever. Do that again lol.

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I'm very excited @k4tzm4n I think but only if Batman isn't downplayed to make Superman look better would've been a better option than but only if Batman humiliates Superman. Btw is it confirmed that Flash would get TV spinoff instead of a movie?

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I am excited for the movie since I always look forward to comic movies.

The one thing that I think may be tricky will be working with the speed differences. Superman has already shown to move and fight at speeds much faster than a human. It will be interesting to see how they display his speed while trying to fight against or with Batman. It's also my only concern with adding Flash to a Justice League movie. How much slow-motion is needed to be added to the film in order to show the speed that Supes is moving while showing Batman moving at normal human speed. It was good in MOS since everybody was moving at high speeds. The people who weren't were easily defeated without issue.