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Edit: Accidentally posted this in the battle area, sorry i meant to put this in the general discussion

I 'm pretty nostalgic and I felt heavily abused and ignored by Bryan Singers design. If you look at set video and his personal pictures during the filming of Superman Returns, you can see that Rouths outfit actually had the right colors in reality, but a photo filter was using for the entire movie to make his suit more of a robins egg blue and the cape more burgundy than classic red. I really disliked the quire music that replaced the john williams theme as well. Just when you wanted to hear those horns go off and start playing the music as you think it should, quire people start humming instead and the music took a 180 degree turn for the worse.

I feel like Zach is doing the same thing with his movie. Does anyone like this suit? Doesn't it promote weakness in Superman? In that the center of the S is fatter than the rest of it and gives off a lazy, bloated feel to it. Also, the use of dragon lizard like scales on a Superman outfit just seems wrong to me. I don't mind the color scheme this time around, I actually prefer the darker superman blue to the Reeve, but I enjoyed Reeves S size and shape more than any other version of the character to date. Zach and Nolan purposely are ignoring the John Williams music and instead opting for something new and different. The odds of succeeding with Hanz scoring it better than Williams is 0% in my opinion. What is the point of being snobbishly disrespectful to something a lot of people consider synonymous with Superman? The key to success is pleasing as many people as possible, such as Joss Whedons Avengers. Everyone and everything was spot on in terms of design and character. Here in Man of Steel, and like Superman Returns, it is only catering to the new generation, completely ignoring the old.

Is anyone else not okay with superman taking off into the sky like neo from the Matrix? With a whirlwind and suction around him as if it were magical in some way? Anyone else okay with the absence of the Williams score completely? I mean...not even in the titles or the love theme? Are people okay with the suit design? Ugh, I feel so stressed out about this.

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I'm implied to think that hew Man of Steel design is supposed to be in more sync with the new 52 Superman design, which i'm fine with.

Supes costume designs have gone through various changes since his initial appearance.

I'm fine wit the suit design,

Also this isn't a battle fam, probably gonna be moved to general discussion.

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Get this moved to the Superman forum.

I actually really like the suit. Mainly because looking back through the history of Superman movies, the suits have been exactly the same. I think this new suit will fit this newer movie very well.

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@P0rtal: well as great as the john williams superman theme song is it's going to make it feel more campy when its supposed to a darker movie and they should of lightened the colors on the costume

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i can except the new design of Man Of Steel because it does remind you of superman but at least give him the yellow / gold belt. Any design would do, just having his symbol, red cape and boots but nothing at the waist level just feels weird to me as though it's incomplete.