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Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the Spiderman and X-Men cartoons from the early 90's were less, I dunno, little kid-ish? To me, the 90's cartoons felt like they were out of the comics. The art and animation in the X-Men cartoon looked like the comics to an extent. The cartoons made today seem like they were made for 4-year-olds and drawn dora the explorer style. Maybe it's because I was a kid in the early 90's and it's the whole "my generations better, back in my day" thing. Anyone else get what i'm sayin?

The 90's Batman cartoon was, of course, great too by the way.

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spider-man and x-men were THE BOMB when i was growing up. watched them every night. iron man so so. you forgot the incredible hulk which was better than iron man. man she-hulk was my first comic book crush.

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@jurrysnow: I totally agree with you. I don't think it's because your getting old. I think that the quality of the writing and the story arcs were just better in the 90's. Personally, I think Marvel invests all of it's money on making quality live action movies, and so as a result the animation department is left with a small budget meaning cheaper writers and artists. Also the animation is simply geared to kids so they may not think quality story telling is very important.

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They were pretty good but the Avengers cartoon no so much...

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I never really got the chance to watch when they aired,but I seen some clips of

X-Men(90's) series and liked how much action into the fights they put into it when you compare it the unfinished Spiderman(90's) show.

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Iron mans cartoon looks kinda lame when compared to x-men and spider-man...

Then again ive never seen iron mans cartoon

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No way......shows like Justice League/JL Unlimited, Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice are way more adult in theme....they literally couldn't even throw a punch in the series due to the censors...they manage to sneak one in now and then......
The X-Men TAS was legendary and everything but now when you watch it just seems dated and really rushed together, not saying it was bad...just some criticism

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Honestly, despite nostalgia, I don't care very much for the 90s Marvel cartoons. The 90s-00s DC shows are much better (Batman TAS, Batman Beyond, JL/JLU). They are just so good.

Also, in my opinion, X-Men Evolution > X-Men TAS (at least in regards to Evo's third and fourth seasons)

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Yeah they were fantastic. Really enjoyed both of them. Many an afternoon spent watching these shows. Up there with Batman The Animated Series.

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i loved 90s x men and spiderman. ultimate spiderman almost made me cry due to how much it sucks. to this day ive memorized the entire mutation and morbius saga from 90s spiderman. i actually preferred suerman tas to batman tas. i also realky liked the 2000 fantastic four cartoon around 2006. i liked justice league and young justice but prefer suoerman tas and 90s spiderman and x men as well as the fantastic four cartoon. i alsk really love batman brave and bold and green kantern tas

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The animation in Spectacular Spider-Man is too kiddie. I liked the 90's show, the villains all looked like they were supposed too if only punching was allowed.

X-Men was an excellent show.

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Its's because you were a kid back then. Nostalgia makes you remember the best and forget the worst.

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I loved these cartoons when I was younger, and I still think they are better than some of the stuff marvel puts out now in the animation department.

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Six year old KnightRise (also known as SquireRise) went nuts for X-Men tas every episode, but hated Spider-Man tas. Thinking back, the artstyle (of all the 90s Marvel shows, actually) made me nauseous, and the voice acting and dialogue were soap operatic. The producers of Batman tas stated that the dark deco style was their answer to the attempt at realism on X-Men tas. I liked X-Men Evolution the most out of all the Marvel animated series.

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90's Xmen was horrible!

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Loved them both.

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Loved them both!

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I loved both Spider-Man TAS and X-Men TAS growing up. I occasionally still watch an episode of those shows. Those two shows along with Batman TAS and Batman Beyond are better than most of the superhero cartoons made in the past decade (Justice League and JLU are exceptions to this as those were both incredible continuations of the DCAU, and Young Justice might be good too, but I haven't seen that one at all). Of course, like the creator of this thread mentioned, I might just be biased having grown up in the 90s.

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Love them both and Batman The Animated Series.

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Truthfully, I was assuming we were only talking about Marvel animation. To me Marvel cartoons were better back then, than they are now. DC on the other hand is still really good alll around. But in defense of 90's, a lot of the shows in the 90's relayed on story arcs so you can't just watch one show by itself, you need to watch several shows in order to get the larger context of what's going on.

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both of the series were AWESOME!!!! also what about: 90's hulk, Fantastic Four, and Silver Surfer cartoons? BOMB>>>>>>>>