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When I first read that there was going to be another Green Lantern-esque spin-off, I was hoping that it would be a Guy/Stewart book so that GL Corps could be more of a non-Earth Green Lantern book. Maybe featuring a team of Kilowog, Arisa, and B'dg (since we can't have Ch'p). Instead we got the adventures of Jediah Caul, guess I'll have to hope for Red Lanterns to get cancelled now and save that hope for another day.

But one thing I found interesting was that the two different covers for the book, one for Caul's story and one for the Larfleeze back-up, were presented beneath the Threshold title. Anybody think that Caul isn't the main character, but actually just the presented character at the moment? Kind of like the DC Universe Presents, but for deep space?

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I think Caul will probably end up crossing paths with Stealth and Ric Starr and form some sort of team.

Also, I really loved the back up story. Larfleeze narrating his own personal Chronicle was pretty hilarious.

"In the beginning, there was Larfleeze..."

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While I thought it was funny, it just felt like there was something 'off' about the Larfleeze story. I can't quite put my finger on it.

I didn't read the GL:NG Annual, so I was a little lost during the main story. Willing to give it a few more issues, but I didn't really love it...some of it was quite clever though.

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I am happy to see DC reboot old properties like space ranger, etc. I am even happier that many of these old properties are now rebooted into the 21st century where they can easily participate in dc events. Glad to see Stealth is alive again after the post-flashpoint reboots. Marvel did something similar when they converted Guardians of the Galaxy into a 21st century group. When I started in the bronze age, Guardians of the Galaxy was set in the far future similar to dc's legion. Once dc also reboots Legion into the 21st century, all of the rich United Planets mythology can finally be used in the New 52 21st century main universe easily. If Legion Lost was done as a total reboot into the 21st century, it might've worked a lot better. Even in pre-flashpoint, dc had started to move some old properties into the 21st century : Atomic Knight joined Outsiders, Omacs and Brother Eye, etc.

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im liking ti , was expecting more stories but so far so good . really liking caul's and larfleeze's story that middle story had me confused i don't know if that was a side plot with caul's story or an actual different story .

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Maybe reboot Forerunner and try to use Tanga.