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I felt like I should bring this up because after Iron Man 3's divided audience, it's very much controversial.

So Thor: The Dark World is supposed to come out in November... Where the hell is the promotion for this film? I have to say, Iron Man 3 got a ton of promotion last year even when it wasn't filming for crying out loud - heck, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy aren't coming out for another year and yet those films are getting a ton of attention while Thor: The Dark World lurks behind!

To be honest, the under-promotion for this film worries me... I'm actually afraid that this film will be a failure - either that or the movie will have another 'twist' that fans will not be happy about, so Marvel has purposely not promoted this film so they don't get our hopes up. I really want this movie to be good - all superhero movies this year have been disasters in their own ways so I want Thor: The Dark World to avert having its own.


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I think your overthinking things. It's only September 1 so there's over two months still till the movies released. That's more than enough time for Marvel's typical marketing blitz. Also they've already released a couple trailers to pique interest and get the name in people's head. Come mid-October they will probably start releasing a few TV spots that will be played constantly up to release. Plus they have the MLB playoffs where they'll probably make a big deal about releasing new footage. Basically what I'm saying is its still too early to be worried. If things haven't changed a month before release then you might be on to something

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It's still a few months away.

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Everyone said it looked awesome from watching the 1st trailer. I was thinking it looked meh. However, upon watching the 2nd trailer, I'm really excited for it. Thor killed a Kronan!!!

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I think they will advertise the movie in the upcoming months more and even if they didn't, which won't be the case, they would still have many viewers, because of the established fan base. People know what to expect from the Marvel movies and they usually get it. The movie has a great returning cast, we will see more of Asgard, which is always nice and I'm sure that there will be some kind of a connection to the upcoming Marvel movies, so even one more reason to check it out.

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Its two months away, the trailer is out and its on the front cover of Empire, which is per se for films due out in two months. MOS didn't have a lot of prep in advance. Not sure the reason why people think its going to be a failure. If it fails to take 500 million dollars, I will eat my hat!

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thor is going to be great, more action!

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@ccraft said:

thor is going to be great, more action!


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I totally agree about the lack of promotion.

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I thought it look pretty good, but it for sure early to tell.

I did think the first Thor movie was the worst of the new marvel movies, really feel like they put less effort into than others(avengers/spiderman/ironman). In fact the first Thor movie came out before I was even into comics, and months after I saw the Avengers movie my buddy was talking about a Thor movie and blew my mind... As a regular college kid that was not into comics at the time, I had never even heard there was a Thor movie, even a year after it came out.

So I feel marvel just put less into the first Thor movie, than the others. Dark World to me looks to be on par with iron man 3, but again no one will know til it comes out...and then heck people probably won't agree still