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Since Thor is the son of the Skyfather Odin, and the Elder Godess Gaea, shouldn't he be a heck lot powerful? I always thought of this. What do you think?

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Well, he is only half god. But still, he is one of the strongest people in the universe, and still has a lot of unlocked potential.

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He already is.......

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you serious? Thor is the baddest mofo in marvel that isn't a cosmic being

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I dont think the heritage has a lot to do with power level really.

Franklin is the son of Reed Richards and Susan Storm, neither of them really that powerful, while he is a monster.

Legion is son of Moira and Charles, one has no powers and the other isnt even the most powerful mutant on earth, but look at Legion, he has too many powers he cant even remember.

The heritage doesnt automatically make you powerful, in fact most powerful being have very little to do with heritage.

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yes he has alot of unlicked potential

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I see.

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We never really see him cut lose, most of the time he really holding himself back but on those rare instance when he let lose...Dude's a monster.

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Maybe sense Odin and his sister made a baby he's like slightly broken from incest.