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It's time to embrace new comic book day! The Comic Vine staff has reviewed the latest list of upcoming releases and we've each selected some comics that we can't wait to read. If you're surprised to see a certain comic didn't make the cut, go ahead and tell the world why it's worth checking out in the comments below. Now, let's take a look at what the staff recommends!

*Some previews may be in reverse order*

Tony "G-Man" Guerrero's picks


This is it. Batman vs Riddler in order to win back Gotham City. Can Batman defeat the Riddler? Of course. But this arc has been a blast. Seeing Batman in his early days has been a fascinating journey. Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and the others have done an incredible job on this series and this oversized issue is one you’ll want to devour right away.

Besides Batman trying to stop Riddler’s crazy scheme, there are also some other big questions we’ll want answers to. Snyder has been giving us glimpses to other moments in Bruce’s life and it just goes to show that despite how many different Batman adventures and origin stories we’ve seen, Snyder keeps throwing curve balls our way.

It’s a little sad to have to say goodbye to this time period but it’s going to be great to see how the story ends.


Storm is finally getting her own ongoing series. Like some of the other X-Men, she has had some limited series but never an ongoing. Storm has gone through many changes. She’s proven how formidable she can be, even when she lost her powers. She’s had many different roles throughout her life but now, hopefully, we’ll get a chance to dive deeper into who she really is inside.

Greg Pak is taking Storm on a new mission, away from the X-Men. At C2E2, we asked Greg Pak how he sees the character. That made us even more excited.

Victor Ibanez’s art is incredible. This will be a series to keep an eye on.


We saw the first issue of Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr’s take on Superman in the New 52. We also saw a new character introduced. What this character’s connection to Superman is something we’re waiting to find out.

Geoff Johns delivered some really great Superman stories in the past and it’s hard not to get excited over what he has planned for us now. Romita Jr does a great job at depicting action and mayhem. We’ve seen some slight changes in Superman’s world already in the first issue so who knows what else we’ll see happen.

Visit A.V. Club for one more preview page.


Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring's picks

SAGA #21

As soon as you feel you have a grasp on what's coming next from SAGA, everything gets flipped on its head. With the start of this new arc, Hazel tells the reader that Marko and Alana are breaking up, which, as a fan, was super hard to read. Now, things have gotten a bit crazy with Prince Robot IV's family and how we're seeing Marko and Alana move away from each other. If you're not reading this, then you're most likely insane.


American Wasteland has been a pretty weird but pretty dang entertaining story line so far. The previous story line lost me a bit, but since American Wasteland started, I'm back on board! Fred Van Lente has been providing an incredibly fun story and Pere Perez's art is sensational. This is still a top-tier book and while it's not a great place to jump on, you should be reading this.


ALL STAR WESTERN is pretty awesome, and one of my favorite books from the New 52 was the Unknown Soldier story from G.I. Combat. What do both of those books have in common? The writing of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti. It's nice to see DC trying a third time to push a war book. G.I. COMBAT was a pretty awesome book, so I'm excited to see what Gray and Palmiotti have in store, but honestly, I'll buy anything those two write.

Check out USA Today for additional preview pages.

Honorable Mention: WONDER WOMAN #33

Gregg "k4tz" Katzman's picks


This issue has such a great amount of potential, especially if you've been reading along since The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Look, I'll admit I'm left with pretty mixed feelings on John Lucas' artwork (great for action and comedy, oddly over the top with basically everything else), but the last issue put the narrative in such an appealing and gripping direction. Agent Preston's tale is finally taking center stage and now Deadpool has been reeled into it. It looks like co-writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn are finally going to address a topic we've been wondering about -- Deadpool's daughter -- and based on their history with this series, you can bet I'm excited to see how it's handled. Here's hoping this story takes a compelling direction with this issue!


TMNT: TURTLES IN TIME had a massively amusing and now it's up to Erik Burnham, Charles Paul Wilson III, and David Petersen to bring the fun in an all-new era: Feudal Japan! Considering Burham's history with the heroes in a half shell (SECRET HISTORY OF THE FOOT CLAN, micro issues), I have nothing but faith in his abilities to produce an enjoyable, lighthearted, and exciting chapter. Plus, considering the time period, this is sure to have some very interesting connections to the Turtles' new origin story. It's unlikely they'll bring about any drastic change in the issue, but the premise is definitely interesting!


Bloodshot has recently joined Valiant's big team, Unity, but so far, his role has basically been limited to standing around and looking cool. He does that well enough, but we all want to see more of him and obviously, the publisher understands this. Joe Harris and Trevor Hairsine's upcoming issue promises to throw the enhanced soldier into the events of Armor Hunters and give us a whole lot of action, too. A heavily armed Bloodshot playing a role in the latest big event and with art by Hairsine? Come on, what's not to love?


Corey "Undeadpool" Schroeder's picks


The war against Atrocitus heats up hotter than...a Red Lantern's blood! Yeah! Nailed it! Charles Soule's been building to this for quite some time, and with how he's handled payoffs in other comics he's written, I think we're in for something great here. Apparently we get the return of a Green Lantern and some heated discussion between the two of them, possibly about this whole "stewardship of Earth" thing. Alessandro Vitti's return on visuals is just another reason to be excited for this book, in my estimation.

See more preview pages at Man Cave Daily.


We took a brief trip in time last issue, but now...we apparently go further back for an untold story of Matt Murdock's mother. Original Sin has been something of a retcon-a-palooza to some very mixed results. While most of the stories are good, some of the revelations are straining credibility, but if there's one thing Mark Waid's shown himself capable of: it's taking a concept that shouldn't work and finding a way to make it not just work, but make the reader wonder why NO ONE thought of it before. Javier Rodriguez coming back to the title is more great news for a title I didn't even need another excuse to anticipate.


Full and immediate comprehension is not a prerequisite for enjoyment when the writing or concept are strong enough. Fortuantely: Trees is just such a book. The world being created, in which massive, silent alien ships have landed and are, apparently using Earth as a dumping ground with little-to-no recognition of humans as sentient life, is fascinating enough on its own to carry a book where the bizarre is the norm. Warren Ellis and Jason Howard are definitely onto something with this title and I hope we get some of the mysteries and backstory of the world filled in, because I can't stop reading about it.

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Velvet, Batman, Batman Eternal, Amazing Spider-Man, & Deadpool.

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Just TMNT.

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TMNT, Storm, Trees, Deadpool vs X-force, and Deadpool Dracula for me this week

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I love the John/Guy friendship Jensen and Soule cooked up.

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Avengers 100th Anniversary Special

Batman #33

Daredevil #6

Saga #21

Wonder Woman #33

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Just Batman.

#7 Edited by micah (3847 posts) - - Show Bio

Futures End

Red Lanterns

All-New Invaders


Batman Beyond 2.0

Batman & Robin

Throne of Atlantis Trade

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I can't wait for the last issue of Zero Year!

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DC Comics

  • All-Star Western #33 One more issue :(
  • Aquaman #33 I have been loving this swamp thing cross over.
  • Batman #33 The final to Zero Year!
  • Batman and Robin #33 To Apocalypse !
  • Batman Eternal #16 I loving seeing all the Bat Family interact with one another
  • The Flash #33 I am enjoying Barry and Wally
  • The New 52: Futures End #12 This book is a slow burn enjoying Frankenstein though.
  • Harley Quinn #8 My new guilty pleasure
  • Justice League Dark #33 More Zee and nightmare nurse please :)
  • Red Lanterns #33 I will miss Kara being a Red but civil war time!
  • Sinestro #4 I love Natu in this book such a great character
  • Secret Origins #4 Green Arrow Robin and Harley yes to all of thees origins
  • Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie #1 I have no idea what to expect
  • Superman #33 I loved Geoff Johns first issue hope it keeps up
  • Trinity of Sin: Pandora #13 Glad Pandora will still have place after her book ends
  • Wonder Woman #33 Diana VS first born!


  • Superman Action Comics Vol. 4: Hybrid HC
  • Justice League of America's Vibe Vol. 1: Breach TP

Well every New 52 book but Catwoman and I'll pick up that once the writer changes good job DC taking all my money :)

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Small,but good week for me,




Wonder Woman

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Red Lanterns looks like a really great read.

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Batman #33, Futures End & Flash for me.

#15 Posted by fables87 (1140 posts) - - Show Bio


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Batman, Superman, Red Lanterns, and Flash :)

#17 Edited by GraniteSoldier (9224 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider-Man and Batman, sounds like a good week to me.

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Looking forward to Batman, zero year has been a blast. Also after Zero year do you have to be updated on Batman Eternal to understand what's going on? I heard they might be connected.

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I sure hope I don't need eternal to understand batman moving forward. I'll probably drop it and read detective instead if so.

#21 Posted by mak13131313 (853 posts) - - Show Bio

My pull list for the week,

1. Aquaman #33

2. Batman #33

3. Batman and Robin #33

4. Batman Eternal #16

5. Futures End #12

6. Injustice Year Two #8

7. Red Lanterns #33

8. Secret Origins #4

9. Superman #33

10. The Flash #33

11. Star Wars Legacy #17

12. Afterlife With Archie #6

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@mars8254 said:

Looking forward to Batman, zero year has been a blast. Also after Zero year do you have to be updated on Batman Eternal to understand what's going on? I heard they might be connected.

I sure hope I don't need eternal to understand batman moving forward. I'll probably drop it and read detective instead if so.

No, you don't need to read Eternal (although I think its been great). Snyder said that the next issue is a one shot that is after Eternal in continuity and after that the new arc End Game starts.

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FINALLY ZERO YEAR IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Valiant, valiant and more valiant for me

#26 Posted by AquamanIsTheBest (37 posts) - - Show Bio


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Marvel Comics

100th Anniversary Avengers #1

All New Invaders #8

All New Ultimates #5

Amazing Spider-Man #4

Daredevil #6

Deadpool #32

Deadpool vs X-Force #2

Mighty Avengers #12

Original Sin #5.2

Original Sins #4

Storm #1

Wolverine and the X-Men #6



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Zero Year is ending? Like half a year ago I told myself I'd start picking up Batman monthly as soon as the new storyline started, bur Zero Year just friggin refused to end.

#29 Posted by NukeA6 (577 posts) - - Show Bio

About time Zero Year ends. Maybe now the main Batman title will be better.

  • All Star Western
  • Aquaman
  • Batman Eternal
  • GI Zombie
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Mighty Avengers
  • Storm (I'm kinda iffy about this one)
  • Saga
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No one picked batman and robin? That's gonna be one crazy issue, and I feel like futures end and batman eternal have gotten pushed to the side even though they are churning out great comics weekly.

#31 Posted by KnightofSteel (282 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm finally excited to read the main Superman again!

So this week for me...

Superman #33

Batman #33

Batman & Robin #33

Flash #33

Batman Eternal #16

Winter World #2

Alien Legion: Uncivil War #2

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I'm finally excited to read the main Superman again!

So this week for me...

Superman #33

Batman #33

Batman & Robin #33

Flash #33

Batman Eternal #16

Winter World #2

Alien Legion: Uncivil War #2

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Batman, Daredevil, Zero

#34 Posted by KnightofSteel (282 posts) - - Show Bio

So nice to be finally excited about a Superman title!

So this week for me...


Batman Eternal


Batman and Robin


Winter World

Alien Legion Uncivil War

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Amazing Spider-man #4

Batman #33

Daredevil #6

Superman #33

Wonder Woman #33

#36 Posted by derf_jenkins (495 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll probably be picking up that superman issue too. I liked the last one quite a bit.

#37 Posted by TheIndecider (35 posts) - - Show Bio
  • Batman #33
  • Batman Eternal #16
  • Superman #33
  • Amazing Spider-Man #4
  • Daredevil #6
  • Super Secret Crisis War Johnny Bravo One-shot
  • Saga #21
  • Original Sin #5.2
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Shame on those not reading Velvet.

#39 Posted by Dman1366 (839 posts) - - Show Bio

Valiant, valiant and more valiant for me

Preach it breh!

#40 Posted by kennybaese (1159 posts) - - Show Bio

Just Baternal for me, but I'm trade waiting for a bunch of the stuff above in trade.

#41 Posted by CaptainHoopla (1231 posts) - - Show Bio

@fallschirmjager: no shame for me! I'm excited for the new arc.

If you're interested in a good Ed Brubaker interview, check out the "3 chicks review comics" podcast that just came out. Good stuff on Velvet, Fatale, The Fade Out, working exclusively for Image, as well as his time at DC and Marvel.

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All-New Ultimates, Daredevil, and Red Lanterns for me this week. I'm trade waiting for Saga.

#44 Posted by HempKnight757 (130 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman & Wonder Woman.

Maybe Storm.

Maybe Superman. Wasn't really impressed with the last issue.

Trade waiting for Aquaman cause missed out on first issue of new team.

Trade waiting for Batman Eternal.

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Can't wait for the Batman and flash comics!

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For me this week: Batman #33, Aquaman #33 and The Twilight Zone #7.

Maybe: Storm #1 and Star Spangled War Stories: GI Zombie #1.

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Batman & Robin


Batman Eternal

Future's End

Wonder Woman



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Superman #33

Wonder Woman #33

Aquaman #33

GI Zombie #1

The Twilight Zone #7