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New comic book day is almost here and the Comic Vine staff wants to make sure you're ready for it! We've reviewed the latest list of new releases and each of us have selected some of the upcoming issues that we believe are worth checking out. Once you're finished seeing what we recommend, we encourage you to chime in with your top choices, too. Now, let's see what the staff is excited to read!

Tony "G-Man" Guerrero's picks


Everyone knows Batman needs a Robin. But more importantly, what will this storyline mean for Damian Wayne? All eyes will be on this series to search for any clues as to who will be Robin by the end of the year and whether or not Damian will return from the dead.

This story will likely have big repercussions between Batman and Ra’s al Ghul. And why the heck does Batman have to go to Apokolips? Peter Tomasi has something big up his sleeve and the chance to see Andy Kubert’s art is not something you’d want to pass on.


Marvel’s current big ‘event’ continues. There’s a lot of crazy things going on. This is a series about revelations and we’re waiting to see what’s coming next. Throughout the first five issues, we’ve traveled around all over the Marvel Universe. With the hunt on for the Watcher’s killer, we’ll be glued to each page to see what Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato plan on throwing at us next.


Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti have been injecting some fun and humor into the New 52 universe with their HARLEY QUINN series. Those are two things we don’t see a whole lot of in DC’s comics. There are times things get a little wacky but it’s great being able to read a series and be able to just dive in without having to worry about the bigger picture.

With this title, Amanda and Jimmy are taking their 20 years of Comic-Con experience and focusing on the positives. If you’ve ever gone to a show or seen footage from us or other places, you have an idea what to expect. We’re dying to see what their take, mixed with Harley, will be. Amanda Conner will be doing a couple pages (not the entire issue) and there will be art from Dave Johnson, Paul Pope, Damion Scott, John Timms, Stephane Roux, Marco Failla, and more.

Honorable Mention: SILVER SURFER #4, TEEN TITANS #1

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring's picks


A long time ago, Lewis and Clark went to the New World and discovered it was filled with monsters and things trying to kill them at every turn. That's what MANIFEST DESTINY is all about. It's a really fun adventure story and now that we're into the second issue of the second arc, we're learning that there's a whole lot more to be afraid of in the new world. It's a really weird book, but a really weird book that I can not put down. Check out the first trade and catch up while you can.


Cullen Bunn should be allowed to write any super-villain books he wants to. MAGNETO has been a blast, but not in a fun way, whatsoever. The past couple of issues have been pretty depressing, but well worth the read since the bad guy (Not Magneto) always gets what he deserves. And while this isn't a light-hearted or fun book that uplifts you spirits where every issue ends with a hug and a life lesson in morality, it's one of my favorite new on-going series for 2014.


Back in May, I reviewed a little book from Dynamite called DEVILERS. This new creator-driven series from writer Josh Fialkov and artist Matt Triano will be a great pick for those looking for something half a step away from the super-hero genre. Basically, this is a great transitional book for those who want to try something out from a smaller company, but need a few familiar elements from superhero books to guide them along.

Visit CBR for additional preview pages. Also, CLICK HEREto read Mat's early review.

Gregg "k4tz" Katzman's picks

TMNT #36

IDW's TMNT has done an excellent job bringing the heroes in a half shell back in a familiar yet refreshingly creative way. We've seen them offer clever redesigns and new origin stories for plenty of mutants and humans, but everything that makes the franchise special is still present and then some. We've witnessed the return of quite a few familiar faces and now this latest chapter is teasing the debut of a classic villain: the Rat King.

What will make this version unique? How will he connect to the current narrative? We'll just have to wait and see, but based on this title's track record, it's more than safe to say it'll likely to be a reading experience that'll be well-worth checking out for any TMNT fan. The minds behind this story arc have also placed a strong spotlight on the human characters, so I'm anxious to see how much follow-up they receive in this upcoming issue and how these plot points will eventually intersect. Plus, you can't go wrong with more pages from Mateus Santolouco and Ronda Pattison.


Writer Frank J. Barbiere's new BOOM! limited series, BLACK MARKET, looks like it'll be an interesting way of studying one man's morals and witnessing how far he'll go for "the greater good." In a world where super-powered heroes soar above regular people and only swoop down for the occasion rescue, would it be wrong to kidnap some of them and take samples of their blood if it meant potentially curing cancer and countless other diseases? That's the difficult question the writer explores in this new storyline and with a premise like this one, there's certain to be plenty of twists and turns along the way.

I'm left wondering why the government can't ask for samples. Maybe these beings have grown to distrust humanity? We'll just have to wait and see as we explore this new world and honestly, I'm very curious to see where this story will go. And based on the preview, it definitely seems like artist Victor Santos is a great fit for the book's tone.


I'm a sucker for a good sci-fi adventure, and this latest project by IDW absolutely has my attention. TMNT's writer, Tom Waltz, wants to bring us into a whole new universe that has a vicious war going on between two neighboring worlds. This conflict's allegedly all about resources, but something tells me there's far more to this one than a simple battle over precious materials. Only time will tell what Waltz has in store for us with this one and you can bet I want to find out.

The concept alone has my curiosity, but the book also seems like it'll offer an interesting character study. We've all seen skilled soldiers take the lead in tales, but this protagonist has lost everything that matters to him and appears to have nothing but sheer hatred for the other side and is sporting a "nothing left to lose" mentality. I'm hoping this concept is fleshed out as we see this isn't simply a war where one side is good and one side is blatantly bad and it'll reveal just how much of a toll war can take on an individual. Surely there's much more to the enemy than "they have resources and they're in our way." There's a lot of potential here and Waltz's work on TMNT has really won me over, so I'm feeling very optimistic about this new series. Here's hoping this first chapter is loaded with worldbuilding and excitement!

Go to CBR for extra preview pages.

Honorable Mention: ELEKTRA #4, UNITY #9

Jen "MissJ" Aprahamian's picks


The team that brought us PHONOGRAM once again fuses comics with pop culture in a big, bold way, and it's immediately a must-pull. The debut issue gave us a peek into a world where gods are pop stars, ephemeral and polarizing, and swept us up in a dangerous plot that involves Lucifer being framed. This month, we get to follow our mortal proxy, Laura, further down the rabbithole of moving in the gods' circles, and learn more about these revered, despised entities. Sharp storytelling, gorgeous pages, and a killer playlist make this one of my very favorites among Image's latest releases.


Princess Academy might not be fun for the graceless-but-spunky Ulga (aka the titular Princess Ugg), but her adventures definitely make for great reading. The barbarian princess takes on "strong female character" in a very literal interpretation -- Ugg wields an axe and has a berzerker spirit -- and her coming-of-age story has a lot of promise for readers of all ages. Ted Naifeh's illustrations are gorgeous, and the "odd couple" dynamic plays well (and suggests some eventual surprises). Ugly ducklings and refined swans alike will find something enjoyable in this series.

Corey "Undeadpool" Schroeder's picks


Paul Tobin and Joe Querio bring their side story of Geralt to a close this issue, and it's been quite the ride. The aura of horror that's been permeating the mini series since the very first issue has been steadily building and is set to pay off in a major, unpredictable way. And I mean that part about being unpredictable, I have no clue what's going to happen or what the explanation behind all the strangeness is going to be (if there's even going to be a full explanation), but whatever happens, I have confidence that it'll fit together in both the tone and structure of The Witcher saga.


The storyline with the Inventor continues to spiral out of control and apparently there's only one person who can help: THE OMNIPRESENT WOLVERINE! He's apparently not on the cover though, so I have some confidence that this is less a grab for attention and will actually be integral to the plot. Plus C. Willow Wilson has been an absolute dynamo at making the strange, disparate parts of the Marvel U fit neatly into Kamala's narrative, so there's no cause for concern that I can see. We're getting a new artist in Jake Wyatt and while I'm not terribly familiar with him, a cursory glance at his work says to me that he'll be fitting in perfectly.

Honorable Mention: BATMAN ETERNAL #15

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Fables and that Alex Ross captain America poster.

I'm going to read Original sin off of a friend.

#2 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (41784 posts) - - Show Bio

The only reason I'm interested in Original Sin is because it leads in to Bucky's new ongoing.

#3 Edited by Xwraith (27880 posts) - - Show Bio

TMNT and Unity this week.

The only reason I'm interested in Original Sin is because it leads in to Bucky's new ongoing.

I haven't been following it, but I do plan on reading the new Winter Soldier.

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Robin rises omega is going to be so bad*ss. Hoping for Damian to stay dwas and a new robin, though my prediction is that Damian will he revived and work under a new name, and Carrie Kelley or someone else will take up the role of Robin

#5 Posted by MrTummyTumms (1780 posts) - - Show Bio

Teen Titans and Future's End for me.

#6 Edited by CaptainHoopla (1659 posts) - - Show Bio

Deadly Class trade, Original Sin, Batman Eternal, and Unity. My light week of the month.

#7 Edited by GraniteSoldier (11625 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks like a light week, just TMNT.

#8 Posted by blackhawk000111 (980 posts) - - Show Bio

I am very excited for robin rises.Batman going in apokolips sold

#9 Posted by mak13131313 (1209 posts) - - Show Bio

My pull list for the week,

1. Batman Eternal #15

2. Futures End #11

3. Green Lanterns New Guardians #33

4. Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International: San Diego #1

5. Robin Rises Omega #1

6. Supergirl #33

7. Teen Titans #1

8. Star Wars Darth Maul Son of Dathomir #3

9. The Witcher #5

10. Manifest Destiny #8

11. The Wicked + The Divine #2

#10 Posted by longbowhunter (8846 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm really liking all of Matt's picks. This week I'm picking up.

Devilers #1

Magneto #7

Manifest Destiny #8

#11 Posted by VanderSEXXX (963 posts) - - Show Bio

Original Sin #6 , Futures End #11, and possibly Robin Rises Omega for me.

#12 Posted by micah (7623 posts) - - Show Bio

@xwraith: That's unfortunate, its been a great read.

#13 Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse (6518 posts) - - Show Bio

Robin Rises looks cool.

#14 Posted by Cap10nate (3355 posts) - - Show Bio

Original Sin is the only one that I am getting from these picks.

I will also be picking up Avengers World, Secret Avengers, Harbinger, and Unity. Pretty light week.

#15 Posted by BattheMan008 (310 posts) - - Show Bio

Robin Rises

Manifest Destiny

Batman Eternal

Last Fall

Black Market

Original Sin

Teen Titans (better be good, or dropped right away.)

She Hulk (I think comes out this week?)


And maybe X-Files Year Zero and/or Avengers World.

#16 Posted by manwithoutshame (659 posts) - - Show Bio

Stray Bullets snubbed again, impossible.

#17 Posted by micah (7623 posts) - - Show Bio
  • Original Sin
  • Futures End
  • Teen Titans
  • Secret Avengers
  • Ultimate FF
  • Thunderbolts
  • Justice League Beyond 2.0
  • OMAC
  • Hopefully TMNT
#18 Posted by AllStarSuperman (28771 posts) - - Show Bio
  • MPH 4
  • Unity 9

Not sure what else if any.

#19 Posted by G_Money_Christmas (902 posts) - - Show Bio

Manifest Destiny, Wicked and Divine, the Devilers (maybe). I have a few I need to get that I missed from last week.

#20 Posted by Oscars94 (2988 posts) - - Show Bio

Has Midas always looked like Thing? I'm not familiar with this character.

#21 Posted by NewComicGuy (134 posts) - - Show Bio

Damnit. My wallet is being stretched thin. Feel like I need to pick up Robin Rises as it will tie into my Batman series.

That Last Fall looks GREAT but I'm already packed full. May have to make a cut or two to add it. Read Outcast #1 and didn't love it, so that may go although I'd like to give it another issue or two.

#22 Edited by jstndmnd (1100 posts) - - Show Bio

Ms. Marvel

#23 Posted by Fastestmanalive (163 posts) - - Show Bio

Nothing for me this week :-(

Stupid week 3

#24 Edited by RobotinDisguise (68 posts) - - Show Bio






#25 Posted by NukeA6 (684 posts) - - Show Bio

Good week. I'm looking forward to:

  • Elektra
  • Teen Titans
  • Ms Marvel
  • Magneto
  • Army of Darkness (Evil Dead fan here)
  • Aphrodite IX / Cyber Force
  • Batman Eternal
  • Harley Quinn Invades Comic Con
  • Rat Queens
#26 Edited by yo_yo_fun (654 posts) - - Show Bio

For me this week: The Wicked + The Divine #2, Ms. Marvel #6 and She-Hulk #6.

#27 Posted by Denn979 (69 posts) - - Show Bio

Teen Titans

Batman Eternal

Robin Rises

Harley Quinn Invades Comic Con

Futures End

#28 Posted by CuddleBear (1397 posts) - - Show Bio


#29 Posted by timelord (918 posts) - - Show Bio

DC Comics

  • Batman Eternal #15 - This book is so dam good James Gordan JR is such a compelling villain.
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #33 - Kyle is back after one issue being gone.
  • The New 52: Futures End #11 - There were developments last issue all though I struggle to remember what they where.
  • Robin Rises Omega #1 - New Robin time ! It's about time.
  • Supergirl #33 - The final for Red Daughter of Krypton I am sad Kara will no longer be a Red but at least she is on JLU.
  • Teen Titans #1 - Please be good , Please be good.
  • Wonder Woman #33 - Diana VS The First Born!
  • Birds of Prey Vol. 4: The Cruelest Cut TP
  • Supergirl Vol. 4: Out of the Past TP
  • Teen Titans Vol. 4: Light and Dark TP
#30 Posted by KnightofSteel (348 posts) - - Show Bio

Smaller pile of comics for me this week...

Teen Titans #1: looking forward to Rocafort's art

Robin Rises Omega: Kubert art...oh yeah

Original Sin #6: loving this

Batman Eternal #15: life is good when you get a weekly dose of this awesome comic

I'm debating whether to get Futures End or not, it seriously needs to pick up more to hold my interest.

#31 Posted by nappystr8 (1345 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm Sad to see neither Teen Titans #1, nor Ultimate Spider-Ham in Ultimate FF #4 got a mention.

#32 Posted by KidChipotle (14844 posts) - - Show Bio

Image Comics

Wicked & Divine #2

Marvel Comics

100th Anniversary X-Men #1

All New X-Factor #11

Avengers World #9

Elektra #4

Magneto #7

Ms Marvel #6

Nova #19

Original Sin #3.2

Original Sin #6

Savage Hulk #2

Secret Avengers #5

Silver Surfer #4

Thunderbolts #28

Ultimate FF #4

Uncanny X-Men #23

Valiant Comics

Harbinger #25

Unity #9

#33 Posted by scouts1998 (646 posts) - - Show Bio

She-Hulk #6

and maybe the Harley Quinn SDCC one shot

#34 Posted by Transformers1024 (7179 posts) - - Show Bio

Just Red Hood and the Outlaws for me, which is coincidentally the only DC book on my pull list.

#35 Edited by NightFang (11045 posts) - - Show Bio

TMNT #36 and all the DC comics.

#36 Posted by TheIndecider (46 posts) - - Show Bio

Fairly brief this week:

Batman Eternal #15

Original Sin #6

Original Sin #3.2/Hulk vs Iron Man #2

Fables #142

Might pick up Robin Rises, but I want to stop following Batman & Robin to make room on my pull list so I might just skip it

#37 Posted by Winter_Kills (1372 posts) - - Show Bio

Original Sin for me, & for one reason- I want to see how it leads into the new Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier ongoing in October. Can't wait for Oct.! Winter is coming early this year...

#38 Posted by Fallschirmjager (20364 posts) - - Show Bio

  • Batwoman 33
  • Fables 142
  • All New X-Factor 11
  • Elektra 4
  • Magneto 7
  • Harbinger 25
  • Unity 9
#39 Posted by kleo_94 (93 posts) - - Show Bio

Winter is coming, oh yes.

Original Sin for me --waiting on the edge of my seat for the new Bucky ongoing-- & enormous hopes that there will be a new Robin, and that they'll fail in reviving Damian. Damn I have the feeling they'll revive him anyway, and I'll have to deal with this brat all over again. Geez DC.

#40 Edited by Mxyzptlk_CV (1219 posts) - - Show Bio

Original Sin has been pretty mediocre so far...

Can't wait to get my hands on the Devilers #1

#41 Posted by CheeseSticks (2823 posts) - - Show Bio

No Harbinger 25? Whaaaaaat? It's the final issue.

#42 Posted by RaggedScarecrow (1140 posts) - - Show Bio

Only planning on getting Robin Rises: Omega #1 and The Wicked + The Divine #2 of the listed, but I'm also gonna grab Uncanny X-Men #23 and X-Men #16.

#43 Posted by Fallschirmjager (20364 posts) - - Show Bio
#44 Posted by detective38 (215 posts) - - Show Bio

Eternal and robin rises for me

#45 Edited by monsterduc1000 (20 posts) - - Show Bio

THE SQUIDDER by Ben Templesmith!!!

Dark Engine as well :)