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There are so many new comics that come out each week and it feels like it gets harder and harder to decide which comics will make the cut. None of us are made of money so we sometimes have to be more selective as to what is on our pull lists. These are some of the top comics, in our humble opinions, that we feel will be guaranteed great reads.

We’re also going to provide preview pages for each title (when available) to give you an idea how the book reads and looks.You can click each image to enlarge.


If you look at the cover of AQUAMAN you'll notice it says it's a prelude for Throne of Atlantis. That's the big crossover coming up between AQUAMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE. One of the nice things about this crossover is it's only between these two books. But if you're digging Geoff Johns' AQUAMAN, chances are you're also enjoying his JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Aquaman's come a long way in the New 52 this past year and three months. Geoff Johns has definitely shown us how cool he can be and this story is setting up a bigger plot that will show how the League will depend on Aquaman.

Here's a preview from MTV Geek. Head over there to see the complete preview.

== TEASER ==


Dun dun duuuuuuun. It's the return of the Batman from BATMAN #666. That's from the pre-New 52 series in case you just started reading recently. That issue gave us a glimpse at a pretty crappy future Gotham with Damian Wayne, now grown up and acting as a more…extreme Batman.

BATMAN INCORPORATED has had some ups and downs but this issue is practically guaranteed to blow us away. Come on, Grant Morrison, we know you can do it!

Here's part of a preview from AICN. Head over there to see the rest.


The only information on the solicit for the second issue is the title, "Swing Low."

The first issue was oversized and really delivered the action and craziness. Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo are ready to bring on the second issue with a villain that is pretty dang evil, I mentioned he might be more disturbing than the Joker.

Be warned that this isn't a comic you'd read with the whole family. It's a little dark and Rossmo's art really creates a haunting vibe that will pull you right into the story.

Check out the preview.

Marvel NOW! Titles

Marvel NOW! is continuing to plot their takeover of your weekly pull lists. If you're like me, you've been waiting for the meeting of the young original X-Men from the past and the current X-Men of today. It happens in ALL-NEW X-Men #2.

THOR: GOD OF THUNDER also is seeing its second issue released already. Word is the second issue is even better than the first.

FF #1 makes its debut with the new creative team of Matt Fraciton and Mike Allred. This is a comic of pure fun and adventure. Actually, there isn't a ton of adventure…yet. It's setting things up but the issue is a blast to read.

You can check out our early reviews HERE.


The crossover you've been waiting for! Before superheroes, there were Masks!

The Shadow, the Green Hornet, Kato, the Spider and more in a story that only Dynamite could tell! This is where things get nuts. All these classic vigilantes will be the only line of defense when a fascist police state is instituted. Other characters like Black Bat, Miss Fury, Black Terror and Green Lama will also join in the fight.

Chris Roberson will be writing this eight issue-miniseries but makes it more crazy is Alex Ross is doing the art.

Check out the preview:

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damn...that ro-bat was brutally awesome

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bedlam still... the first one was a train wreck. Batman inc i will have to get i just recently bought the 666 issue. WOAH THE MASKS is insane, ill get next week for sure or maybe ill skip the venom point one .. i may have to re order my pull list again ..... CHOICES CHOICES I SAY.

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So this what I'm going to do for this week

Batman inc 2 pulled 2.99

Mask 3.99

Thor 3,99

Talon 2.99

Aquaman 2.99

16.95 total! Big week for me. I have spent this much in a long time in one week

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The first All-New X-men was an intriguing beginning. I feel like this comic title could become great, but definitely needs to deliver on its promising premise. I hope issue 2 ramps up the adventure.

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Batman Inc, The Flash and X-Men Legacy for me :)

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nerdgasm! Been waiting for that batman 666 forever!

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If you combined cover 1 and cover 2 of thor they connect to one big picture.

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@mightypug78 said:

nerdgasm! Been waiting for that batman 666 forever!

i know it was delayed a month because of issue 3 delay. so issue 4 and 5 were delayed.

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All New X-Men is the only one listed that has me interested and I'm not really all that interested in that. I am, but I'm so skeptical about how Bendis is going to treat the X-Men. It's not going to be an easy next couple of years for the mutants with Bendis at the helm. He likes to torture any character he touches. He's sick. Not a bad writer, it's just that he really likes to change things....we will see where this goes.

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This week for me will be getting Aquaman #14, Green Lantern: New Guardians #14, Red Lanterns #14, Superman #14, Teen Titans #14, and possibly Masks #1 unless I decide to just wait for the TP, even if those images are making me so tempted now...

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@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

This week for me will be getting Aquaman #14, Green Lantern: New Guardians #14, Red Lanterns #14, Superman #14, Teen Titans #14, and possibly Masks #1 unless I decide to just wait for the TP, even if those images are making me so tempted now...

Alex Ross is only doing one isssue for the panels. Im a trade wait if i like issue 1.

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Yes yes yes, Bedlam #2. Splendid! Love the insanity and sarcasm of the Mad Redder, and of course the "haunting vibe" (so true!) of Rossmo's art.

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 My pull list this week:
1. I, Vampire #14
2. Thor: God of Thunder #2
3. All-New X-Men #2 
4. Gambit
5. Aquaman #14 
6. The Flash #14
7. Masks #1

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I'm picking up Aquaman and Batman Inc. among other things this week. Excited to have Witch Doctor back on the shelves.

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My pull list this week:

  • Both Before Watchmen titles
  • Flash
  • Aquaman
  • I Vampire
  • All New X-Men
  • Thor
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I, Vampire.



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i'm still amazed that people are looking forward to Aquaman.

I'm picking up Superman, Talon, Flash, Thor, All-new X-Men, Uncanny Avengers and a few others. Really looking forward to Superman.

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Yay, Garth is coming back!

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i wasn't aware of "The Masks"... going to pick it up...Batman inc is one of the few New 52 titles that i never got into

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@G-Man: somehow I've been on the forums for couple days now and haven't made notice of this forum thread 'till now! good idea on creating this thread. genius. nowadays dc comics are doing the same and are helping us save somewhat of money. thank god.

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I highly suggest people place green lantern: new guardians in their pull-list of comics. I stand by my word as i say that geoff johns is one of the greatest writers on board dc comics and i think this title is going to raise lots of attention in the dc universe. if your already reading other storylines in other series of titles, don't bother, but if you have read some of the green lantern titles in the new 52 then i suggest u keep reading along the lines of "Rise of the Third Army" and pick up more on this series. great comic.

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Batman inc

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Aquaman 14

FF 1

Masks 1

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Dem Masks!!!

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Reason i'm on All New X-men is cause Bendis can write teenagers or youngens really well, and that Stuart Immonen is on art duties... a severely cool artist!

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Aquaman and FF !! and Hero Worship

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Except for All New X-men... none of the above.... But mostly that's because I have to thin out my collection.... But in at least 2 titles I have absolutely no interest

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From the list I am getting All New X-men and FF

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aquaman 14(only because the crossover)

red lanterns 14

superman 14

teenage mutant ninja turtles 16

all new x-men 2

thor god of thunder 2

uncanny avengers 2

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#31 Edited by Casshern (152 posts) - - Show Bio


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I really don't like the premise for All New X-Men at all.

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Masks are coming to save the day...

Loading Video...
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Uncanny Avengers #2

All new x-men #2

#35 Posted by Ett (27 posts) - - Show Bio

Fatale #10

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@saoakden said:

i'm still amazed that people are looking forward to Aquaman.

Maybe because it's great?

Anyway, from this list Im only getting Aquaman, but I'm also getting Superman and Flash!

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Gambit #6 & Wolverine MAX #2.

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Superman, Talon, Secret Avengers, All New X-Men, Uncanny Avengers, and Captain America and Black Widow. I'm the most excited for Superman. I want to know what H'El has in store for them.

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From this list I'm going to get Aquaman #14 and I'm definitely going to check out Masks #1! Looks very interesting!

I'm also going to get All Star Western #14.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is coming out this week. So excited.

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@Juandicimo_Magnifico45: watchmen is a must pull.

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If I dont know anything about the charcters (except for Green Hornet from the movie which im sure he is diffrent from the comics) in MASKS #1 sould i still buys it? because it sounds good.

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31 covers for Masks, just finished adding them all in order x.x

big week for variants, My Little Pony had 20 covers....

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Nowhere Men starts this week.

If you enjoyed Manhattan Projects, I suggest you all give it a once-over.

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Bedlam #2: I liked the first issue, but 3.99? I don't know. I don't like to pay more than 2,99 for a series.

Masks #1: I got it for free at Midtown Comics.

Lot 13 #2: Loved issue 1 and it is only 5 numbers.

Talon #2: The story isn't bad and I like the way it is going.

Batman Inc: Maybe, if I don't pick Bedlam. I love stories that happen in the future. I may give it a try.

I don't want to spend a lot on comics for the next two months ( I bought a Wii U and the PS3 Bundle on Black Friday. My credit cards are asking for a break).

EDIT: I forgot Red Lantern #14.

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Only book i will pick this week ; )

#47 Posted by Queso6p4 (1546 posts) - - Show Bio

@Jawshco: Agreed.

There are so many issues coming out this week that I wanna get. My poor wallet.

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My list is coming out to be

  • Bedlam #2: I really like the Madder Red Character and the dialogue but for a double sized issue... not a lot happened. The Monologue in the middle wasn't that necessary in my opinion.
  • The Flash #14: I love the art in this series and the story's been picking up recently :D
  • Nowhere Men #1: This is a cool idea, I wish scientists were celebrities instead of "artists" like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne
  • Ultimate Comics Iron Man #2: 1st issue was not that great but its a mini series and I'm a completionist. There's unfortunately about an 80% chance that I purchase this entire series because I'm a moron :/

@MatKrenz said:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is coming out this week. So excited.

Are you being serious? Can I get a gist of what this series is about? Are the Ponies and title an ironic choice to an otherwise mature story like the imaginary friend in Grant Morrison's Happy series?

@WWAJfan said:

Only book i will pick this week ; )

How necessary is this to the Minimum Carnage series? The description says its like a fallout series but I really don't want to get it because Minimum Carnage Omega ended the story pretty well...

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From the pull list...

  1. Flash
  2. All Star Western

Probably also get...

  • FF - only because it ties into the previous Marvel Now Fantastic Four issue (can't afford to add this to my regular pull)


  • Aquaman - just because I follow Justice League. However, these "prequels" are generally a cash-grab and have little to do with the upcoming arcs. Taking a wait-and-see approach here.