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A wave of brand new comic books is just days away. When they do arrive, there will be an overwhelming amount of tempting covers and, if you're working with a budget, it can be tough to decide what you'll spend your hard-earned money on (or at least we hope it's hard-earned). Well, we here at Comic Vine want to help you prepare for new comic book day. We've checked out the list of new issues coming out on Wednesday and we've each picked a couple or more that we think you should keep on your radar. Once you're done reading what we recommend, go ahead and let us know if there are any other comics that have you pumped for this Wednesday.

Tony "G-Man" Guerrero's picks


It's the final issue. At least until the next issue starts up. If you've been reading this series, you know how much fun it's been. Matt's big thing was denying he was actually Daredevil. But last issue ended with quite the surprise for everyone. We also know what's next for Matt Murdock. Why is he making a big change? Will it be explained here? What about Foggy? There are lots of questions so you won't want to miss this.

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee have made this a wonderful and enjoyable series. Things are going to change for Daredevil and this is where it's going to happen.

Clickhere to watch a Preview Theatre for this issue!


It's finally time for a new NEW WARRIORS series. We've seen Justice and Speedball in the pages of NOVA but where does everyone else come from? Chris Yost and Marcus To have to set up the new series and team. There'll be some familiar faces and possibly some new ones.

From the preview, it looks like this could be exactly the sort of fun and action packed series we want and need to keep our comic reading enjoyable.

Oh yeah, and don't forget, Kaine is here too. That's going to make an odd fit that's bound to add to the fun.


Each month James Asmus brings the funny to this title. Things can get pretty wrong but you can't help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation Woody manages to create.

Quantum and Woody have gotten themselves into quite a mess. Between Quantum's boss and the militia group on the other side, they're going to be pushing their super-hero abilities to the limits in order to survive.

Honorable mention: HARLEY QUINN #3

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring's picks


Guys, Anderson is on the cover! It's Anderson! But she's dead and had ghosts possessing her! HOW CAN THIS BE?! Putting the over-amazement on the sidelines, I'm super-excited for the return of this character, even if someone or something else is controlling her. This series quickly became one of my favorite monthly books, right behind CLONE, and writer Josh Williamson has crafted a really interesting series that is a mixture of the horror/suspense/heist genres. Artist Davide Gianfelice did a stellar job on his first issue in this new story and this is a series you need to be reading.


I really like what's going on in this series this far. Hickman's and Spencer's writing styles really blend together nicely creating this really intriguing book about the Avengers expanding and spreading across the world. The last issue was a blast, and I can't wait to see what A.I.M. has in store for the next issue. The next issue promises 2- pages of non-stop martial arts action, and while Marvel's martial arts books/characters never really got me pumped, I have a feeling this will pique my interest a bit more because of the writing team and the amazing artwork from Stefano Caselli.

Gregg "k4tz" Katzman's picks


Cullen Bunn absolutely killed it with the last chapter. Instead of focusing on character development or building a supporting cast, he's made it clear this limited series is primarily about having fun and appreciating how out there the zombie apocalypse would be if Wade Wilson was simply wandering around. It's violent, funny, and sprinkled with just enough darkness to remind you Deadpool's hardly an emotionless clown.

It's the penultimate chapter, so I'm definitely hoping for a major reveal to help boost the hype for the final chapter. Maybe another hero (or villain) survived? We'll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime, I'm very much looking forward to more of Ramon Rosanas' artwork and Bunn hitting us with some crazy fun. I mean, the book opens with Deadpool decipatating a bunch of evil old ladies, so it can only get more ridiculous from there, right?


The Big Burn took a bit of time to really get rolling, but with the past two issues, it has established a much stronger emotional connection and really picked up the pace. Sure, a few changes to Harvey's origin take a bit away from the character and we all know he'll make it out of this story alive, but we're in the homestretch and I'm plenty interested in seeing how Peter J. Tomasi plans to wrap this all up. His work with the series has certainly earned my faith and support. Plus, more of Patrick Gleason on a bat book is always a good thing.

This may not be as gripping as the book's debut arc, but it's definitely improved with each issue and hopefully it'll conclude with quite a punch.

Uproxx has the last preview page.


UNITY feels a lot like Valiant's answer to AVENGERS or JUSTICE LEAGUE. It's the publisher's "big book," incorporating key characters from across its universe and bringing them together for something exceptional. Except this isn't your traditional superhero team -- not at all. Writer Matt Kindt has given this series an explosive vibe and I'm stoked to see where this book is heading after the last cliffhanger. Throw in Doug Braithwaite's impressive artwork and you have a Valiant book that feels like a blockbuster movie month after month. Oh, and how can any Valiant fan possibility resist a cover like that? Sold.

Honorable mention: BLOODSHOT & H.A.R.D. CORPS #19

Jen "MissJ" Aprahamian


I love seeing new #1 issues that look completely different from anything else on the stands, and UNDERTOW definitely fits that bill this week. Billed as a "pulp monster adventure," this new series explores Atlantis and the undersea deep, and immediately sets tension with the promise of an escape plot and a dangerous beast. I'm calling this an Essential pick for its mysterious giant creature and for Artyom Trakhanov's illustrations (peek at that Preview for more!).


ALEX + ADA has been intriguing me since the start -- and, let's be honest, it's been creeping me out a bit, too. In a good way. In a makes-you-think way. I'm digging near-future concepts lately (I adored Her!) and robot-human interactions always fascinate me, so this book ascended to my must-pull list on concept alone. Four issues in, it's staying there because of its creative and deliberate exploration of that concept, and because it feels surprisingly relatable for a book involving robots.

Corey "Undeadpool" Schroeder's picks


My favorite X-Roster returns as the students of Cyclops' school are left to fend for themselves. With the New Kids From the Past out in space, we can refocus on the new crop of mutants that were in the spotlight when this book launched and they are, in my opinion, the linchpin of this title. Brian Bendis has always had a knack for introducing new characters and giving them their own distinct, unique voice very early on and this book has certainly been no exception. Chris Bachalo returning on art is all I need to get all manner of hype as his voice has come to define the series' as much as Bendis' across the months.

X-MEN #11

Another X-Book that's made one helluva great first impression, even despite me knowing very little about its initial cast and, in particular, villains. Brian Wood helped establish them right out of the gate, both explaining who they are and what they can do while not being overly expository and keeping everything compelling and now that everyone's found their footing ,we are off and running with an All New Sisterhood NOW! and plenty of wild cards still in play. Kris Anka returning on interiors is definitely something to look forward to as his style was more subdued, but felt like it was getting a good foothold last issue, and I can't wait to see how it develops.


I honestly don't know precisely WHAT I'm looking forward to in this book, but that's not a bad thing. This has been one of the most delightfully unpredictable books, having separated Carol and Kyle from the rest of the Corps, allowing them to flesh out and breathe, even establishing some new dynamics. But Justin Jordan's done far more than that: he's expanded the DCU into some strange, hitherto unseen places and situations. By deemphasizing straight-up combat and aggression, he's told some absolutely fascinating stories with these new locals. With Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessey, two series regulars, on the art, I cannot wait to see what's next and I truly have no clue what that might be.

Go to Crave Online to read another preview page.

Honorable mention: KRAMPUS #3

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Deadpool, New Warriors, and Quantum and Woody for me this week. Also Punisher.

#2 Edited by lifeboy (1717 posts) - - Show Bio

JL #28

WW #28

Birds of Prey #28

Masters of the Universe #10

Pandora# 8

SUPERBRAT #28 !!! :D

#3 Posted by AllStarSuperman (31440 posts) - - Show Bio

Unity and Ben 10

#4 Posted by cameron83 (8085 posts) - - Show Bio

Selene is back?

Oh s*it!

#5 Posted by longbowhunter (8970 posts) - - Show Bio

Light week, from the list I'm grabbing Daredevil...maybe Ghosted? Also got Animal Man this week and another issue of Edmondson's Punisher.

#6 Posted by Xwraith (30319 posts) - - Show Bio

Unity and Nova (BETA RAY BILL!).

#7 Edited by micah (9043 posts) - - Show Bio

Unity, JL, Batman Beyond, Avengers World, Bloodshot: Light week thank God :)

Thought about New Warriors just for Kaine, but I'm still on the fence

#8 Posted by micah (9043 posts) - - Show Bio


Do you know if Superbrat is continuing from the last issue of Red Lanterns. aka Red Daughter of Krypton Part 2?

#9 Edited by lifeboy (1717 posts) - - Show Bio

TwoFace looks pretty tight the way he's drawn on that cover.

#10 Posted by GraniteSoldier (12230 posts) - - Show Bio

Kaine. Nuff said.

#11 Posted by XescapetheliesX (48 posts) - - Show Bio

Ummm... Justice League 28? Metal men...

#12 Posted by CitizenJP (739 posts) - - Show Bio

Really lookin forward to New Warriors and Ghosted!

#13 Posted by yankeefan91 (13 posts) - - Show Bio

@micah: It doesn't continue the story, it shows how she got the ring.

#14 Edited by lifeboy (1717 posts) - - Show Bio

@micah: I'm not sure what took place in red lanters, but superbrat 27 ended with her about to fight Lobo. I hope it continues with that because I'm much enjoying her title last 2 issues.

#15 Posted by CaptainHoopla (1818 posts) - - Show Bio

Punisher, Night of the Living Deadpool, New Warriors, Quantum & Woody, & Unity this week.

#16 Posted by Wolverine08 (50172 posts) - - Show Bio

Avengers World #3 should be interesting.

#17 Posted by mak13131313 (1394 posts) - - Show Bio

Here is what's on my pull list this week,

1.Batman and Two-Face #28 The big burn finale!

2. Birds of Prey #28 Gothtopia tie in!

3. Green Lantern New Guardians #28 Who are the God Killers?

4. Harley Quinn #3 Will Poison Ivy be able to cheer Harley up?

5. Justice League #28 The Metal Men!

6. Supergirl #28 Red Daughter of Krypton!

7. Star Wars Dawn of The Jedi Force War Xesh is back with his Rakatan master!

8. Star Wars Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows Stormtrooper Hock!

9. Skyman #2 Is someone sabotaging Reid's suit?

10. Captain America #17 Dr. Mindbubble!

11. Night of The Living Deadpool #3 One more to go!

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Green Lantern New Guardians and Unity¬°

#19 Posted by 2cool4fun (2009 posts) - - Show Bio

So pumped for Supergirl!!

#20 Posted by Fastestmanalive (192 posts) - - Show Bio

Very light week for me. But week three has always been that way for me.

Just Justice League #28. Don't really like this Cyborg centric story but we got the Metal men's debut, so that's something.

#21 Posted by Fastestmanalive (192 posts) - - Show Bio


Superbrat. LOL!!! Its funny cuz its true. (and clever)


It takes place before GL and RL #28. Over there she already has the red ring, in this issue it shows how she gets it.

#22 Edited by AllStarSuperman (31440 posts) - - Show Bio

Avengers World #3 should be interesting.

i dont really know either of the guys, but i'll flip through it and see if i might buy it.

#23 Posted by The_Titan_Lord (7931 posts) - - Show Bio

Avengers World #3.

#24 Posted by Wolverine08 (50172 posts) - - Show Bio

@wolverine08 said:

Avengers World #3 should be interesting.

i dont really know either of the guys, but i'll flip through it and see if i might buy it.

The fighting does look fluid and beautiful if I say so myself.

#25 Posted by AllStarSuperman (31440 posts) - - Show Bio

@allstarsuperman said:

@wolverine08 said:

Avengers World #3 should be interesting.

i dont really know either of the guys, but i'll flip through it and see if i might buy it.

The fighting does look fluid and beautiful if I say so myself.

yeah, it caught my eye

#26 Posted by PapiNacho (3377 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman and Two-Face

Wonder Woman

Justice League

Animal Man


Quantum and Woody


Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi

#27 Posted by micah (9043 posts) - - Show Bio
#28 Posted by lifeboy (1717 posts) - - Show Bio
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@lifeboy: @micah: Its before Red Lantern #28 this will show us how The Red Ring found her

Green Lantern: New Guardians #28: What is behind the Source wall will it tie in to Forever: Evil I must know? My Second favorite of the lantern books over all so should be good.

Justice League #28: How does Cyborg not have his own series yet? If he does not get one after Forever: Evil then some one messed up. Then again if its not Geoff Johns writing it I'm not so sure.

Supergirl #28: Red Daughter of Krypton begins !!! Hopefully this will be the start of more mature and likeable Kara. Hopefully the Red Ring burns away all her grief and rage so she can be a more well adjusted teenager.

Wonder Woman #28: Diana as The God of War VS The First Born sold.

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Avengers World and Night of the Living Deadpool for me. Big week next week.

#31 Posted by munkieKONG (154 posts) - - Show Bio

Bachalo...... Get. Away. From x-men. I hate you...

#32 Edited by Maddpanda531 (1488 posts) - - Show Bio

Really glad to be seeing the proper return of the New Warriors!

#33 Posted by Red_Vibe (151 posts) - - Show Bio

Red Hood and the Outlaws! And that cover for Green Lantern New Guardians is just beautiful.

#34 Posted by micah (9043 posts) - - Show Bio


I hope they let Supergirl stay a Red for a while. I mean what else is she gonna do?

#35 Posted by TheFirstLantern (1546 posts) - - Show Bio


Green Lantern: New Guardians

Justice League





Back Issues

Invincible 101, 102, 97-99

Action Comics 26-28

Might get some more not sure yet.

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So whats the deal with Daredevil?

#37 Posted by timelord (920 posts) - - Show Bio


Have you seen the line up for Justice League United yet?

#38 Edited by micah (9043 posts) - - Show Bio


Crap, totally slipped my mind, nothing new lasts for ever...................:(

#39 Posted by OreoAssassin (7625 posts) - - Show Bio

Kaine looks like a little kid on that cover

#40 Posted by timelord (920 posts) - - Show Bio

@micah: look at this way Jeff Lemire writing for Supergirl should be dam interesting.

#41 Posted by micah (9043 posts) - - Show Bio
#42 Posted by Darth Coleslaw (97 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman And Two-Face

Green Lantern: New Guardians

Harley Quinn (Maybe)

Justice League

Supergirl (Really hope this turns out good, decided to skip the last few issues.)

Wonder Woman

New Warriors


Avengers World

Captain America

#43 Posted by KidChipotle (14976 posts) - - Show Bio

Wasn't DareDevil supposed to become an infinity comic? Is that still happening or did they ditch that idea?

#44 Posted by scouts1998 (646 posts) - - Show Bio

Animal Man #28 (1 more issue after this)

Justice League #28

Wonder Woman #28

#45 Posted by scouts1998 (646 posts) - - Show Bio

@arturocalakayvee: They are still doing that along with the regular series with Samnee staying on art

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Alter Ego #123: I usually don't buy this magazine but this issue has an interview with Denny O'Neil.

Amazing X-Men #4

Avengers World #3

Batman & Two-Face #28

Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck #4 (of 4)

Forever Evil #6 (of 7)

Justice League #28

Punisher #2

I might get New Warriors as I like Marcus To's artwork.

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Nice to see Alex + Ada on the Essential Comics list! This has been such a weird but wonderful book so far. Plus, she's hot. Go, Emily!

Skyman #2

White Suits #1

Animal Man, Living Deadpool, Punisher, definitely Ghosted

and Quantum & Woody!

#49 Posted by Teerack (9987 posts) - - Show Bio

So excited about this issue of Daredevil.

This is how I feel....

Loading Video...

#50 Posted by amaltheias (36 posts) - - Show Bio

Looking forward to Avengers World #3.