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Avengers #6: This book is engaging! You finally see the builder machine code being broken, and with that there is some audience participation! Really like the code element of this book. The story is great and getting bigger by the issue. There's been repetition and flashbacks since issue 1 and they're starting to get a little laborious, but I'm sure we'll see reason for them soon enough. 5/5

Justice League #17: The Throne of Atlantis concludes! A very ominous cover here, so I'll tread lightly...As with all the Throne issues, there are some incredible full page and double page splashes here showing the enormity of the war and it's soldiers. It's been a short-lived, but very enjoyable crossover. It ends with a very big question on the table though, and I'm interested to see the logic in the JL's final decision here...4/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws #17: Firstly, this is my favorite cover art of this week...this month...this year? Stunning. Secondly, if you followed DotF, even just the Batman side don't miss this! Great, heartwarming roundup to the DotF, with a heart-stopping ending. It's not over. Get it. Get it now! 5/5

Superior Spider-Man #4 It's undeniable that Superior Spider-Man, as purely a crime fighter, is better at his job than Amazing Spider-Man. In this issue, the tears in the fabric start to appear though, and you realize that there's more to being spider-man than catching criminals, and I think we're going to see Superior falling short of his duty soon enough. As much as this was lacking Stegman, the art was still impeccable. 4/5

Supergirl #17 Supergirl vs Wonder Woman. Great battle, great conclusion. Supergirl and H'el's relationship has been one of the main aspects of this crossover, and every time Supergirl questions him, it's glossed over. I hope to get answers soon, if not, there's been some huge opportunities missed to add a lot more to this series. Artwork not too solid on Superman in this book either, but the writing holds it together. 3/5

Thor: God of Thunder #5 Thor's fearlessness and the spirit of his Viking followers has been put across so well in these books, and to see it frustrating Gorr was rewarding. There were hints in this book that it may take more than Thor alone to end this war against the Gods. Even though you see quite far into the future in the first issue, it's still hard to believe how successful Gorr has been! The last few pages were unexpected. 5/5

And that's that! All in all a great week for comics for me! I didn't pick up Captain America this week, I just wasn't jelling with the last couple of issues, and it had started out so promising!

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Agree with all of your ratings apart from Avengers as the Art hasn't been doing it for me so I would give it 4.5 but pretty much what I'd give them well done!

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@broo1232: Thanks! I think you're right, Adam Kubert doesn't fair well in Avengers issues like this, where there's a lot of close ups and dialogue; when he draws action, any degradation of a character (ie a wounded character) and his "cosmic" stuff is great though. He needs to find a way to get his strengths across in quieter scenes...maybe if he over-animated his characters and used more body language like you used to see in Marvel dialogues of old?

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Once again, I couldn't finish Avengers... I'm bored by the book.Maybe I'm just not fan of Hickman's writing and also Cosmics. My pick of the week gotta be Daredevil.