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it would be ffriggin great theirs a movie coming out soon so why not a comic i loved the book and the game so come on make a damn comic

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well good news or bad lol?

it base of the three kingdoms period of china(u knew that lol)

they have made cartoon movies and small chinese seris book base off it

the name dynsaty warrior is a trademark name of koei, but you or any could use the era, and names so to speak, you whould have to talk it over with trademark/copy rigth lawyer....

but i agree with you, ma chao rocks, whos your fav(no lu bus booooooooo)

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not at all lu bu is omni powerful and i hate him i mine is Dian wei from the game and Chen Pu, and Guan Xiang from the book u need to read it if u havnt

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Have you seen the the movies, they rock :) they are really good,

I like sun xiang, daio chan, and (nice combos) and zhang fei

Its too bad that the double hand fight style the southern kungfu are so watered down in the game!!!!!!!

The wizard guy is cool too.

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ye i have i love them all

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i wish they would go all out, and just combine dynasty and RTK,and tactics; empires is ok but needs works.