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Alright, hear me out. Wouldn't it be awesome if the powers that be put out comic book taking place in middle earth. I honestly am surprised it has not happened sooner. In my opinion the possibilities for story lines are pretty vast and numerable, but here is just a few of the top of my head.

1) An alternate front during the war of the ring( we saw a little of this in the game LOTR war in the north)

2) A story taking place in the older ages like the second or 3rd

3) kind of like 2, What happened with Morgoth, maybe we could see how sauron became who he is, and is decent into darkness under Morgoths control.

4) What about all of those Kingdoms in the Barrow Downs that fell to Angmar, lets see hoe they held out against it, and what they were like when they were in power.

5) Aragorn when he was strider riding all over middle earth, meeting up with gandalf, and hanging out in Rivendell.

6) Stories from the perspective of either Gimli, or Legolas before or after the war of the ring.

7) events taking place in the 4th age, where basically everyone in the fellowship has a position of power

I think anyone of these story lines done right has the possibilty to be down right BAD ASS.

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Actually, that would be pretty cool. I usually find LotR boring (except the movies), but I could probably get into this.

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Yeah I understand where your coming from the books themselves are hard to get into but the whole universe is rich and full of detail, also on a separate note I could totally see IDW, or Dark Horse putting out a comic like this, just not Dynamite, I've never really cared for them.

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@Hipsterhobo: I thought I've seen a LOTR comic before but im not totally positive. If I find out I'll let you know.

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Urgh, no, this would likely taint the franchise.

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@John Valentine said:

Urgh, no, this would likely taint the franchise.

This, basically.

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I was thinking the same thing, but imagine if it was done right? Also there were tons of LOTR properties that were bad for example the movie games, or the terrible cartoon.

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An expanded universe could be a risky move, but I imagine comic adaptations of Middle Earth books would go down pretty well.

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Im so down for number 3. Sauron origin.

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Creative teams would be an important factor if they were to expand things. I think J.R.R. Tolkeins' son completed an unfinished Middle Earth book, so he seems like the kind of person who would be worthy of adding more stories.

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The adventures of Bilbo Baggins, I'd love to read that. Vertigo is the right place for a LoTR/Hobbit comics. Number 1 and 5 are awesome.

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It'd need to be Dynamite or Dark Horse, as I feel IDW doesn't always care for the original material.

I've also been thinking similar for Harry Potter as well, but LotR would be cooler.

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Saw the title of this forum and thought "yep I want to see that, now!"

Lets make it happen people!

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I would like to see this happen.

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There is a comic for Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time which is quite similar to Middle Earth and even more grand in scale. I personally haven't read it so I can't comment on the quality of the comic.