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No dout all of you have hearted the news about Ben Aflac being Batman in Man of Steel 2. whitch is interesting but I'm not sure if he is the BATMANWith that being said in my opinion there has not been a difinetve batman on the silver screen. An example is the Superman franchise. WB has cast Three people in the 40 or so years as Superman for the big screen .Those people are Christopher Reeves, Brandon Routh and Henry Cavil and in all three cases I would say they are each Superman in there movies. Batman on the other hand I don't think there has ever been a actor who has been on screen and me think that is Batman. Micheal Keaton he was good in his movie. Christen Bale was a god Bruce Wayne but an ok Batman. ( the joe Schumacher movie never happened) I do want Aflec to be good in the movie but I just don't see him as the Batman

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Wow this spelling is terrible.


But anyways, you're right. There have been a couple good Batmen but none of them felt like Batman to me. I hope Affleck can be

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Nobody has really got both sides of Batman completely correct yet. I'm not even sure if Affleck can do it either.

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@batmannflash: That spelling is because of the f£&(ing auto correct on the ipad.

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I think Batman is a hard character to play. Dare I say it, Superman seems like a more obvious character.

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Bale SUCKED as Bruce Wayne but was alright as Batman. None of them really felt like Batman. Affleck can add the Wayne element. I am actually encouraged. The only ones complaining haven't seen The Town

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I liked Bale because of the Joker interrogation scene. WHERE ARE THEY

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How about we wait for the movie before judging it?

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The man has two years to get skilled.

Jesus christ man.

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@underseer_kamal_rex: Best just to give up, they're gonna keep crying about it until the movie comes out, then if its terrible they'll all gloat about being right or if its good half of them will pretend they were on board the whole time.

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Damn Batfangirls. [×]√

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WTF I'm not bashing Ben Aflec I'm just saying that there has not been a BATMAN on the big screen.There have been people playing batman yes but not a definitive Batman.

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While not on the big screen, Kevin Conroy's voice, is always Batman's/Wayne's voice when I read Batman books.

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@deathspa202 said:

While not on the big screen, Kevin Conroy's voice, is always Batman's/Wayne's voice when I read Batman books.

Same. If they had a guy who looked and acted like Batman, with Kevin's voice, then you got me sold.

Kevin Conroy is like RDJ, no one can play their character better.

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If I am honest I would have preferred no Batman in the sequel but the fact he is going to be in it I am kind of coming round to the idea. I just hope they do justice to both characters. Also I think Ben Affleck will be really good.

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To be honest I don't think Henry Cavill could've been less Superman if he'd tried.

Not that I'm blaming him or anything, I think the makers of the film were dead set on having a new, dark, revamped Superman, and the scriptwriters didn't really give him much in the way of character scenes either.

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Only Reeve has left his mark on Superman, Brandon was okay and Cavil still has to impress, Bale and Keaton have done a better job as Batman than Cavil and Routh did for Superman, but the problem is there haven't been any definitive Batman(in live action movies), when people think about Superman they think about Reeve, when people think about Iron Man they see RDJ but when they think about Batman they think about Batman, but he's harder to portray and there probably isn't any actor that can completely get the character right. Affleck could be good maybe even great but he probably won't become the character not completely.

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Aflac is red batman.

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Aflac is red batman.

Now people will bring this panel every time we talk about Affleck.

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