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Good people do bad things.  We all know that.  But in life (or to the villains in comics) there are real consequences for the things we do even under extenuating circumstances.  What about the heroes that do bad things?  It sometimes seems like they get no blame at all.  Or if there is no way around it, writers just ret-con it away. For example:

Jean Grey - My favorite character and the most glaring example of what I'm talking about.  In 1980 they had her destroy a solar system and at least one whole planet of living creatures.  Then they kill her.  But come 1987 they want her back and can't find a way around making her a planetary scale they decide it wasnt her and we have Phoenix stories for the next 25 years...but really when they wrote the Dark Phoenix Saga, it was supposed to be Jean...

Or how about our favorite reality warper Scarlet Witch?  OK fine she didn't ACTUALLY murder people but how many died when they abruptly lost their powers? I can think of at least one fire mutant who died when it happened... And now there are entire forums where people discuss how she is going to come back to the Avengers with just less power and not crazy.  Not for nothing but when criminally insane people kill people, they aren't told "its not your fault you were crazy, its all good".  No, they are sent to an asylum or some sort of treatment place for criminals.  Yes, I get that its not Wanda's fault that she went crazy and she shouldn't be killed for it, but maybe we should wait before signing her back of up on the roster

And on the other side is her brother, Pietro.  It actually WAS his fault that House of M happened.  And it was his fault that Unus is dead.  And that the Inhumans left.  All of that he did.  But they didn't even ret-con it!  They just had Hank Pym tell the world that it was a skrull and Quicksilver rejoined...WHAT THE HELL?! And hes teaching children (one of them hes even teaching to be a villain)?! What the hell are they thinking??  Did you forget he started a war between two races and was instrumental in decimating another?

The only person I've seen do something wrong, and take his punishment for it like a real person is Vance Astro.  He killed his father by over using his powers and went to jail...the Vault to be specific, and of his own free will.  His team even tried to break him out but he wouldn't have it.  He did the time for the crime he commited and then got released back to his old life.  AS IT SHOULD BE.

I'm not saying that Jean and Wanda should have gotten away scott free (and Wanda still may not) but SOME sort of punishment instead of a half assed explanation or a massive retcon (like the one that said Magneto DIDN'T kill Jean) should be required.  And Pietro should be in jail.  Plain and simple.  He's sorry? Good, think about it in your cell and we'll talk after you get out.

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You may have a point there, I hate it when superheroes act like they've commited a mortal sin just because they had to kill or cripple someone in self defence, but it's even worse when they do something like that and pretend it's okay because it might as well have never happened and worse yet? EVERYBODY in the comic agrees with them, even characters who NEVER would. It's no better than the writers assuming that their readers have the worst case of altzheimer's deseise EVER. And that's why some people really can't stand Sentry, because even characters who wouldn't treat him like a flawless god (Even if he was one!) DID ANYWAY!

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It has been a long time since i have come on to make a comment, but I had to after I read this, all i can say is Amen brother.

This drive me nuts about comics. Especially when it comes to Jean and Wanda, it has made me hate both these characters so much. They are murderers but everyone still loves them, in the comic world and out.