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As a fan of Independent Comics and Companies that are not Marvel or DC, I have been reading like crazy titles from Dark Horse, Image, IDW and of course Dynamite! Dynamite Comics are very awesome so far in their titles of Pulp Fiction Heroes. You know... the Super Heroes that existed BEFORE Superman! These are the heroes with abilities and powers that fought crime and saved the world, before Comics were thought of, on the Radio. Heroes include Green Hornet, The Spider, Zoro, and my personnel favorite... The Shadow!

To View Scans, Left Click Them And Open Them In A New Tab.

The Shadow

The Shadow origins start off as a very intelligent man who went to Shanghai and took over in a few years the entire criminal empire. He was a ruthless warlord who eventually met the monks of Tibet. They trained him to use the Evil in Men's Hearts to use various Mystical Powers and fight the evils of the world while working as a servant of Justice and Fate. With his new powers and direction he became the Shadow.

The Shadow is a Peak Human in all regards, but the Mystic Powers he possesses give him a huge edge in any fight.

Reading the Hearts of Men

This is a very confusing and unique power. Sort of like Telepathy, however has nothing to do with Mind Control or Reading. It is more Soul Reading and Control. Its a mystic power that The Shadow uses to deal out justice. This power seems to require Line of Sight to work. Add to that some people remain immune to it if they are Mystics, Souless, or protected by Fate. This power also seems to manipulate the Dead and dying into carrying out orders or stay alive till he is through with them.

1) Explains how this power works. Its like a Road Map with all the tour spots listed. In this scan the Black Sparrow is immune to his Mystic powers for unexplained reasons.

2) Spots the evil soul of a target. He had no clue who he was looking for till he spot the Soul which revealed all it needed for Shadow to find who he was looking for.

3) Uses this power to know if man is lying or telling truth. He does this alot in the comics. He also reads his next thoughts to attack.

4-5) Digs into the past Evils of this Nazi.

6) Reads the Spider's secrete identity with a glance.


The Shadow uses his ability to Hypnotize, Sway, or Command the Dead to accomplish goals with the power of his voice. Only the Mystically powered, or those protected by Fate are immune. Even the dead and dying are not immune to the commanding voice of The Shadow.

1) Hypnotizes suggests Airfield Mechanic.

2) Sways Bar owner to his use.

3) Hypnotizes suggests to a British Major what he needs to do.

4-5) Hypnotizes Nazi into seeing the evil he had done to his mom.

6) Sways suggests a souless soldier of WW1 to kill himself.

7) Explains he can manipulate the Living and Dead if he has too.

8-9) Commands the dead pilot to live again and land them before fleeing into death.

10) Commands a dead soldier to return to camp to spread fear before striking.

11) Commands a dead assassin with a bullet in his head to reveal info.

Cloud Men's Minds

The Shadow uses his ability to Mystically Misdirect foes to accomplish goals. Only the Mystically powered, or those protected by Fate are immune. Extreme Will foes can resist it to a degree, but they are still shown to be affected by it in some way, including other Heroes like the Green Hornet and his side kick Kato.

1) Clouds mind of business man to enter his windowless office unseen.

2-3) Clouds the minds of a entire building.

4) Clouds Soldier's mind into seeing none of his Shadow gear.

5) Misdirects Assassins to think he was a painting.

6-8) The Shadow enters and leaves this detective's office from the shadows by clouding his mind.

9) Clouds the minds of the Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato to disappear in the Shadows.

10) Clouds the minds of a whole Dock Yard to board a ship.

11) Misdirects a small Japanese and Chinese army to get to the Buffalo.

12-13) Shadow enters a tiny room on a ship, this room has no windows of course, located in the bowels, and is barely big enough to fit 4 men. Clouds the minds to enter with no probs.

14) Misdirects multiple gangsters firing at him.

15) Actually shows the power to misdirect a powerful Psychic entity possessing these children to save Margo.

The Shadow Knows

This is a form of precognition. Simple as that. He is a servant of Justice, but this Justice is all due to Fate. Fate grants him visions of key events, and the ability after looking into someones heart the glimpses of their futures. Sometimes for Plot, Fate grants nothing, which The Shadow searches out why, and always never grants him the full story or info to accomplish a task. However he does use this to see others futures and predict people's action in a fight. This ability is use as a Line of sight power, like Reading the Hearts of Men. It also may tell him of a opponents next action, but it is up to the Shadow to react to said action.

1) Key explanation on the Shadow's precog abilities. He cannot fathom all possible endings, only the key ones that matter in his fights.

2) Starts speaking of Margo's future in casual talk.

3-6) Shadow uses his Precog to see the fate of one of his worst enemies, knowing Justice was served.

7) Uses Precog to predict the mans actions and intent.

8-9) Uses his power to glimpse what had happen already rather than what will happen. He can see what has happen as well it seems.

10) Shadow foresees World War 2 and the Nazi Regime.

Stealth and Traveling

I'm not super sure how the Shadow as a peak Man can do all this, but he clearly seems very stealthy and has the ability to scale towers, buildings, and jump from insane heights with no problem. At crazy speeds on top of that. Even Batman needs his Grapple Gun and Lines, Shadow has none of this.

1) Drops from a large building into the car.

2) Appears on a high crane unseen.

3) Jumps from over 30 meters from the side of a ship onto the dock.

4) Travels from roof tops to appear on the ground in front of this man.

5) Appears on a super high tower structure that seems impossible to physically scale.

6) Appears from the shadows of this wall, and then easily gets up to the 3rd story window of this building in no time.


The Shadow first act of justice was taking out all the establish Warlords and their forces in Shanghai in a single night.

The Shadow easily blows away these hired gunmen with his Cloud Men's Minds.

The Shadow hand to hands, and then blows away this group of fanatical Nazis on a small plane.

The Shadow takes out hired Chinese Assassins with Cloud Men's Minds, and then takes out with ease a Nazi secrete base.

The Shadow takes out Imperial Soldiers of Japan. Then he kills the Pirate King while Clouding Men's Minds of all the soldiers to get there.

The Shadow faces Raja, a man with the same powers as him. He takes out his gang, then faces Raja in a fiar battle as both their powers canceled the others out.

The Shadow takes out a car full of hitmen with a bottle of champagne.

The Shadow takes down Spanish soldiers in hand to hand for a get away.

The Shadow takes out a couple of soldiers, then takes on the very skilled Black Sparrow who is also immune to his powers.

The Shadow takes on Black Sparrow and others. Although she gains the advantage, she loses it right on the Shadows scheduled, probably foresaw it in his Precog.

The Shadow final battle with the Black Sparrow in H2H on a castles edge.

The Shadow is force to face 3 Veterans of WW1, who sold their souls to a supernatural power, while protecting Margo. One being a expert in barb wire and land mines, another a expert on Mustard Gas, and the last a former student of the Shadows.

The Shadow defeats Psychic children with the power of a evil that fled the light of Existence. He kills their servants and undead slaves at the docks. Then he confronts them at their mansion to save Margo. After a slight mental attack, the Shadow shoots the kids, watches them burn in their own Psychokinesis, and then hunts down the root of the evil force.

The Shadow encounters the Green Hornet and Kato. Shadow easily takes down the Martial Arts expert Kato with one move. Probaly do to Soul Reading, Precog, or both. Then heads off the fleeing criminal to blow him away.

Shadow teams up with Green Hornet, Kato, and The Spider to take down bullet proof armored Cops in H2H. Shows off his own MA knowledge, or possibly simply Read Kato's Heart for info, as he watches Kato fight.

The Shadow takes down a group of knee breakers with no trouble.

The Shadow faces The Light. The Light is a highly train from a young age woman in the ways of God and Divine Justice. She also is immune to The Shadow's powers. She is extremely fast and a master swordsman who beaten all the fencing masters of France at a young age.

The Shadow second fight against the light. This time with a plan. He proves he can fire faster than the Light can swat the bullets.

Hopefully more to come soon.

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Edited with scans from Masks.

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Great thread. There's not enough love for these kinds of classic characters (The Shadow, Green Hornet, The Lone Ranger, Zorro, etc.) that Dynamite Comics has (thankfully) taken to resurrecting in recent years.