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I'll just say this is a more better forum and what I tried to say the bad one has a link to this one in the comments

the justice league sounds like the best and by far it is but, I'd rather see a team composed of: batman, superman, wonder woman, green lantern(black), the flash(my favorite hero and comic), hawk girl, and Martian man hunter. maybe a new comic titled: the league. cool right this will be like anther time or something what do you think?

also there's the storm watch who's pervious member is Martian man hunter but other than that he has no comics I like j'ozz he's got awesome powers and I want more story behind him

unknown superheroes

the blue beetle is part of the new 52 which I think his story is not so known

captain marvel who recently got his name changed to shazam for the common mix-up with his master shazam his story is not very known

other unknown superheroes might include: booster gold, batwing, firestorm, talon, swamp thing, animal man, plastic man, oracle

if the new 52 has more plans tell me! :)