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I am fairly new to comics and comic collecting and I have seen the New 52 comics from DC and I enjoy them quite a bit but I would like to read some new comics on Spiderman and other Marvel Comics characters could anyone tell me about a new 52 style series for Marvel characters? It would be much apreciated thanks :)

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Any book with the Marvel Now! tag on them, should do. It's pretty much Marvel's answer to the New 52.

If you want Spiderman, then the only Marvel now version is Superior Spiderman but it's a controversial title so try it beforehand and see what you think. Peter Parker has died in it and has been replaced as Spiderman

The first series for Marvel Now is Uncanny Avengers, though it begins by continuing from Avengers Vs X-men (Not necessary for Marvel now as I found it easy to catch up on my own but it helps you figure the situation) it goes into its own territory soon after and is both easy to follow and a good title.

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@maccyd: Alright that sounds cool thanks for replying:)

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@parker_snell: if you like x-men i'm really enjoying all new x-men you might have to read up a bit on avx just go on wikipedia for a few of plot points also there is thor: god of thunder which has just been amazing! I'm more of a DC fan but those two titles have been amazing! Also deadpool is an easy read he is crazy and definitely one of the funnest and funniest comics i read.

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New avengers is great.

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@jeanespinosa21: Are there any new spiderman comics im a big big fan of spiderman

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Its not exactly the best time to be a Spider-Man fan, because neither the 616 or the Ultimate universe have Peter Parker as Spider-Man anymore. Still, I enjoy both series and would recommend either one for Spidey readnig, just do some research on current happenings and know what you're getting into

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Superior Spider-Man is a decent read, I hate SpOck and am an admitted Peter fanboy but I still enjoy it. X-Men is a good read and it is only two issues in. Indestructible Hulk is a great pick, and even though it is not a Marvel NOW title Venom is my favorite title right now.

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All New Xmen is the only Marvel title in the last few years that ive picked up consistently. And @maccyd pretty much answered everything else really well.

Spider-man is traditionally my favourite Marvel character, and probably my first favourite super hero, but as has been said, nothing good is happening with him right now. In fact, he has had a bad run since "One More Day" (look it up to feel my pain).

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@deaditegonzo: isn't brand new day?

One More Day comes right before Brand New Day. Its the issue leading into Brand New Day.