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I'm just cureous who you think to be the most powerful female superhero in both Marvel and DC Comics. This includes strength, speed, magic, fighting abilities etc. Please include reasons and scans if possible. This does include bothe New 52 and Pre New 52.

Thanks! =)

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Captain Universe
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@The_Wind_Dancer: Captain Marvel is Earths Mightiest Hero, if that counts for anything. She's pretty powerful though, a good all rounder.

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Jean Grey

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thamks for all the posts guys!

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New Avengers #15
New Avengers #15

Squirrel Girl is one tough cookie. She beat Thanos for crying out loud! Off panel though, and Thanos denies it, trying to cover up his embarrassment LOL.

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I have to go with Squirrel Girl as well.

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New 52 Wonder Woman?