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Who would you say are the most evil Marvel villains?

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Dr. Doom

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Mr Sinister: He has no remorse for bringing pain onto others, no respect for the dead just rob graves for the name of what he believes, made the morlocks and then kills them! Right after they made a civilization in the sewers and then just ends their lives as quick as he gave them life. Cloning Jean and having the clone go for Havoc just messing up Scott to a major level. Started Inferno both scientifically and supernaturally. He is the mad scientist that is brought to the next level.

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@joewell said:

Dr. Doom

not really.

Carnage and Red Skul one up him in this category.

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Doom's not really evil at all.

The "most evil"Marvel villain is probably someone like Dormammu, or Shuma-Gorrath, or some other uber-chaos demon like that.

"Most evil" mortal villain would probably be Red Skull.

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Doom has a name that sounds like he should be, but I would say Mister Sinister as the most evil.

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Herr Skull

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Red Skull.

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Thanos has my vote....Dude murdered half the universe at one point

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I'd say Norman Osborn or Thanos.

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red skull or carnage

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@RIKR2 said:

red skull or carnage

This, totally.

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If Marvel doesn't get their act together it's gonna be me!

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Red Skull.

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@evilvegeta74: You,d have to get in line.

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They way things get changed, retconned, and rewritten in Marvel, it's as if no one in that universe is truly evil...

- Dr. Doom was perceived by 'the panther god' as being an honorable man

- The New Mutants recently tried to portray Mephisto (pretty much the embodiment of evil) as a good guy who is just misunderstood.

- Sabertooth swings back and forth between evil murdering bastard and good guy who is simply not understood.

As for me, I currently see Tony Stark as the most evil bastard on the planet... and yes, it goes back to Marvel Civil War and hew as written to be the bad guy... He intentionally arrested people whom the law had no sway over, and put them in the negative zone so that they would have no civil rights and he could do whatever he wanted to them. he said this to Peter Parker.... To pretend to be good, when actually doing evil.. THIS is truly evil...

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Thanos is 95% death and 5% Hitting on Death Apocalypse is just a senior citizen version of Mr. Sinister

Dr. Doom is to Honorable/and full of pride (like vageta)

Mr. Sinister is worse than getting to a cafe where they serve the best pancakes, just in time to get lunch.(It just is to evil) Red Skull is nazi with a cube fetish

Carnage is like venom who is a serial killer

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Stan Lee. Hands down.

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1. Dormammu 2. Annihilus 3.Thanos 4.Red Skull 5.Apokolypse 6. MR.Sinister 7 Carnage. 8.Dr. Doom 9.magneto 10 Kingpin

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red skull or carnage but the have nothing on the joker

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Indiscriminate mass murder is generally a result of insanity, not evil. Raping and beating a young woman over and over is evil.

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I guess Mephisto.

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Carnage, he's not the most powerful or anything. But he's one of the few characters that have no good in them at all. Most villains have reasons behind their actions whether it be personal gain or vengeance or something else they all have a motive, I'm not justifying their actions but they have motives behind them. Carnage doesn't he's just bad for the sake of being bad, he's just evil because he likes and it brings him pleasure to do evil. Others like Doom, Thanos, Green Goblin, etc. they're all evil no doubt but they have motives bgibd their evil actions, Carnage is just bad for the sake of being bad and he likes it that way. That makes him the most evil...

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Red Skull,Ultron,Green Gobiln,Carnage.

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  1. Annihilus - Wants to destroy all life
  2. Ultron - Wanted to destroy all life but now wants to conquer and meld with it
  3. Red Skull - Wants to destroy America and all ethnic groups
  4. Carnage - Wants to cause pain and chaos just for the fun of it.
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Chaos King - Amatsu Mikaboshi
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Well, Juggernaut predicted the collapse of the World Trade Center. He was the one that knocked it down killing thousands of people.

The reality of 2001 was based off that one issue.

So either......

@turoksonofstone said:

Stan Lee. Hands down.

Or one of the writers working for DeFalco. Or DeFalco himself.

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Or maybe Dan Slott...you know what he did? He KILLED Spidey...that makes him the most evil.

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@turoksonofstone: We know you hate Stan but seriously he didn't do anything worse than anyone in comics at the time was doing. Back then there wasn't room to share so people acted like assholes its a business get over it

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The obvious is the most powerful, Red Skulls but I don't think he's been written to be as jaded as DC's evilest Joker, I'd like to see him written sort of like Doctor Rotwell who is completely insane.

Mind bomb - Wolverine: Weapon X
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bbbbbbbbbbThe obvious evil is not the most dangerous...  It's the evil that disguises itself as good that causes the most harm...
Some of you may have read that, "satan will appear as an angel of light..."   
He won't show up, looking like an ugly monster.  He won't be on fire, wielding a pitchfork, shouting, "I'm evil and here to do you harm!"
He will look like your best friend...a charity worker....a police officer... or Tony Stark....

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You mean OTHER than Lucifer? Carnage doesn't discriminate between who he kills, making him more evil than Red Skull.

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Red Skull because Nazi are A-Holes........

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@protectyournose said:


Either you're trying to be funny or you didn't see that this is about Marvel villains.

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@Cap10nate said:
  1. Annihilus - Wants to destroy all life
  2. Ultron - Wanted to destroy all life but now wants to conquer and meld with it
  3. Red Skull - Wants to destroy America and all ethnic groups
  4. Carnage - Wants to cause pain and chaos just for the fun of it.