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Well as you know Bane and the League of Shadows gave both Bruce Wayne and Batman the biggest run for his money (& litterly) in The Dark Knight Rises which was the third in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Endless there is Iron Man 4 (I doubt it) I think Iron Man 3 will pretty much be, well to reference one of Stark's many nicknames "The Iron Knight Rises". Do you think the Mandarin will tear Iron Man in and out like Bane did in TDKR? and I don't mean physically technlogically since Whiplash already did that.

I also find it coincidle that in Dark Knight Rises the side-enemies from the first movie came back to stab Batman in the ass during the 3rd movie long after he forgotten them. Well we got the same case in Iron Man 3 since it's going to be 10 rings he's going against. Wow

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Sorry for the late reply but I have to honestly agree. The Mandarin is probably the greatest Iron Man villain in my opinion, from the trailer it seems that yes Tony gets hit hard physically with no home to go to or seemingly no allies to turn to. The Mandarin being the genius he is will start off with maybe attacking Iron Man publicly turning the populace against him with the whole "Heroes don't exist." This may also be the reason why Tony is seen mobbed by the media? (Just theories) and then attack Tony at his house. Who knows? But yes the Mandarin feels like Bane.

One thing...Iron Man 3 will be BIG!