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If I had powers and wore a costume with a cape I definitely wouldn't be fighting crime. I would be an on-call hero at most. And I would be picky about what assignments I took up.

How about you guys? You have to wear a superhero costume BTW. For this thread. Like the classic spandex type with a cape or without.

Full-time heroes have always bothered me a bit. Seems that all the constant capture and release of villains seems fishy. Almost as if heroes pay the villains to do crime so heroes will still have a job (surprised no one has explored that to my knowledge, it would definitely give a reason for the pattern set).

My OC Optic is a hero in the same manner I would be, emergencies only, not stuff the cops can handle.

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Did you change it again? (you promised :'( XD)

Anyway, I think I would be a full time hero since I don't really have that much else going on.

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I would blow stuff up...

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I'd bugger off and explore SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

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I'd dominate the world and redesign it in my image...

...Then destroy it.

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It would depend on the powers. But for the most part, I don't think the term "hero" would fit.

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I would do nothing special. I would never fight crime or do crime for fear of getting caught and being captured or having to live a life on the run. I'd probably use my powers to get myself ahead in life but use them discretely.

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No superhero costumes. Only disguise.. And if there is some annoying newspaper editor, I'd scare him till he learns to stay away.

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I really wouldn't do much unless lives were at stake

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The best kind.

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One with a god complex.

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A crappy one

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I would have a life and on my spare time fight crime. I would definitely NOT wear spandex, it would be make look like a costumed freak. I'll just dress in normal clothes with a mask to cover my face.

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A politically incorrect one with some bible thumping overtones that fight social reform :)

cuz I can

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Forgot to mention that you have to wear a classic spandex costume. Cape or no cape LOL.

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Pretty sure I wouldn't advertise my powers and become a superhero. If I had to wear a costume, I'd just dress like a rock star.

If I could choose my powers, I'd choose telepathy and X-Ray vision. Like Hitman but I wouldn't be a hitman. I'd just resume my normal activities and quietly take advantage of society.

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I'd be selfishly independent, just using my powers to tweak things to make life easier. The only time I'd get involved would be if a threat to reality came along. Otherwise, I'd chill out with my telepathy and reality alteration in my mansion living the good life.

I think most superheroes are secretly villains at this point.

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I'd use whatever power I have to do stuff along the lines of create a self-sustaining energy source for the whole planet or cure disease. Just in general make the world a better place. But not before freezing time and performing gruesome sexual acts upon several of the girls in my school. :)

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im the kinda guy that would want my powers to be my costume like cloak or the human torch. would probably wear an incredibly durable black polo and some nice jeans with something to cover my face if necessary.

being a reactive superhero in this world wouldnt work. there isnt enough crime and probably isnt a way for you to intervene while they are taking place. So I would take a much more proactive approach and start treating the diseases instead of fighting the symptoms. I would feed hungry children and build houses and clean stuff up. of course all of this is depending on how powerful i am. I wouldnt be fearful of my own power though...

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I'd use my powers to simply beat the sh!t out of criminals.