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Inspired by 's thread here: "are we in the UK being overcharged for comics?"

I'm trying to look around on the net...can't find what I'm looking for, but presumably, ALL Marvel comics, or DC comics or whatever, are printed in a single place in the middle of the US, and then shipped out all over the world. If this is correct...surely it'd be more cost effective to print at key global emporiums ie Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Sydney and ship locally from there?

Is it simply because the US controls the "GlobalComiConamy" and there's no formidable rival publishers in the rest of the world to push them into being competitive? The mark up on American published comics is getting larger and larger, and distribution of local and indie titles is typically poor or limited to a handful of local, often non-chain, comic stores, proving little in the way of competition.

Is it time that a more solid, independent "Marvel Europe/DC Europe/Image Europe" etc was set up? Or will publishers just take the easy way out, and slowly pressure the oconus into becoming an either expensive, or purely digital past-time?