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Ok Fair enough Warning the AvX Spoilers may run rampant in my post below so don’t read any further if you haven’t read that yet.

Ok now if your still Reading, with Cyclops in custody and several other X men apparently running as fugitives from the law, what do you see as the future of the X-men? Their have been several teasers released and some summaries to consider. Two X force teams, one of which (Cable & X-Force) we know will be fugitive’s of some sort, the other lead by Storm with a strange assortment of cast members we have no idea the real direction for them (however since Storm was shown on the monitor when captain america was looking for Uncanny Avengers it should be safe to assume she’s in good with the law) The Other that I remember reading about is X-Men Legacy which is all about Legion trying to carry on his Father’s legacy. That makes sense considering the death of his father and how hated all the millions of new mutants will more then likely be.

Wolverine & The X men will carry on and I am sure a lot of the former X men will be their, but that is still a story about the students more so then the staff, it is also kind of a ‘break’ from the more serious stories and has a lot of comedy in it, not saying that is a bad thing but not exactly the flag ship X men title we are so used too. Also an interesting Cover shows Cyclops all Phoenix 5ed out and extending his hands to some of the students? Maybe that will factor in? Maybe just a flash back of sorts who knows.

Utopia is closed down, or at least that was what I got from the last page of AvX, and Millions of new mutants who really NEED the X-men or may even look to Cyclops as some sort of Messiah since it was his work who actually brought them back. It also leaves two X titles that I haven’t heard would be canceled (Astonishing X men & X men) and X Factor without any ‘marvel now’ plans. Now X factor has done a great job at kind of separating itself from the X universe as a whole and I more then likely think they will continue that, the other Two X titles managed to dodge the whole AvX tie in thing but their rosters ect were all involved in AvX and it will have to affect the direction of the books. Also a ton of Potential X characters we have heard nothing about. Emma? Namor? Danger? Magneto? What about other characters such as Gambit, Cannonball, Chamber, The New Mutants were all loyal to Cyclops for the most part and their comic is canceled. Could they be added to a X book? How exactly will it work? And who will lead? I mean Cyclops, Storm, Professor X, Cable, & Havok have traditionally been the X men leaders we have also seen Rogue, Cannonball, Wolverine & Moonstar lead teams at different times. With Havok & Rogue going to the Avengers, Storm & Cable both in X force, Wolverine with his School and Cyclops apparently in custody (and seemingly on his road to being a evil villain), Professor X has kicked the bucket who steps up to take leader ship? Who fills these voids in the last few issues?

And we also of course have the All new X men which as much as it makes no sense at all, the idea of the original team traveling to the present really thrills me. Still that kind of story isn’t a flag ship title is it? It also appears to be based in the Jean Grey School (at least form the black and white preview I seen a while back) So yes, with Millions of mutants out their, and a lot of fugitive members, what do you think the Future of the X men will be? The end of AvX answered alot of questions but for the X men i think it opened up even more.

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Honestly? I think we're rushing towards a "Days of Future Past" reality.

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It would be interesting but i doubt it, still a reality that we have heard about since idk the 70's? actually coming to past would be interesting. On that note they did mention some where (i forget where but i think it was in the Uncanny X force Q&A) Bishop would be returning as a villain

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Mutant Porn!

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I think it is going back to the school concept. I think they will all be based at the school. And I am ok with them cancelling a few x titles. There were far too many to keep up with.