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Which is more powerful the force or the magic from the harry potter universe?

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Both are the very power of the universe, almost like what we might think of as God. The Force is more explicit about it (in the original trilogy) so I'd go with The Force.

On a Side note Harry Potter magic is closer to a mystical form of ethical humanism while The Force is pretty clearly the Tao.

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It depends on who is wielding them. A padawan's use of the Force isn't as powerful as Harry Potter's whereas Sideous's use of it is more powerful.

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Nihilus sucked a planet's worth fo souls

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I'd choose to have magic. Faaaaar more practical abilities.
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Wands? We don't need no stinkin' wands!

The Force. I mean it's real.

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Magic I could conjur anything I wanted and all the powers of the force can be simulated by magic and you could do a lot more with it.

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The Force.

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The Force.

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Force may be stronger but magic is more useful. Magic it is more practical and people would believe it more than the force. Force can be considered psychic powers or magic to those who don't believe it. If they fight beings of chaos they are screwed.

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The Force is better than Harry Potter magic in my opinion.

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You tell me
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The Force. In a battle, I would force choke the wizard before he could mutter a word. I win.

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The force is more powerful than magic but magic is far more useful.

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The Force no contest. Im not a big fan of magic

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I don't like the Harry Potter series, but Magic is way more awesome in my opinion.

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Both would be pretty awesome to have. But, the force, definitely.

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Force Trumps harry potter magic easily but not as useful force could match up to certain comic book magics but not many.

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Just go to the Battle forums and create a "Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker" thread, see how fast it gets closed.

Or better yet, create a "Gandalf vs Luke Skywalker" thread.

The Force > Magic

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@JediXMan: I'd much prefer to have all these powers and abilities than harry potter magic.


Also until Harry potter does something like in the scan you showed will I be impressed by them.

(I'm agreeing with you)