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With the whole thing about him being back, I need someone to confirm this.

It was stated in Flash: Rebirth that Barry was in fact, the engine of the speed force.

Now in the new Flash comics, Specifically Vol 4 issue #8, It is stated that Barry is the "release valve" for excess energy in the speed force.

SO, if BOTH is TRUE, HOW does this exactly WORK?

if one of them is false, someone PLEASE correct me.

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Well didn't the reboot kind of erase that?

Sorry if Im wrong, comic book noob here :P

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@JLDoom:Just cause that timeline is different doesn't mean his powers change which it hasn't. If it was, I'm sure it would have been said, kind of a big deal you know.

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Retcons and reboots happen all the time whether there are timeline changes or not. Dc does retcons and reboots all the time and no explanations are needed. The speed force is just magic so there is no logic or science in the speed force idea.