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I don't know about you guys, but where I'm from comic shops have been on a huge decline. I used to have 3 within a bike ride's distance of my house, now the closest shop is a 20-30 minute drive, at least, all the way across town. It really has decreased the amount of trades I will buy and killed the original enjoyment I once had of just going to the comic shop to talk to the owner about the weekly releases. Does anyone else feel my pain or am I the only one here with this problem? 
I remember during the mid 90's when I got really into comic books the stores were everywhere in town, now there are only two of them. I still try to make the weekly trek, but it's just not the same for whatever reason. Does anyone else share this sentiment? 

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not really a problem here in michigan. it's just that the comic book stores are so spreaded out all over michigan but we have a lot of stores.
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doesn't seem to be a big issue in nyc

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Yea I'm in NY jus outside the city and in the 90's we had a comic store 2minutes away, cvs even sold 3 comic books for $3 and by like 98 all the comic stores were gone T_T I have to go to the city(an 1-2hr trip) Barnes and noble sells some but they are never up to date(like 4 issues behind)

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I can understand where your coming from to a degree, i was never hardcore into comics but i always loved to  talk to my friends that did and i had a few here and there. Now that i'm more into it or have the money to buy some good comics more often i want to support comic shops but there just not any close to me that is not a 30 min drive somewhere. Another problem is it is so much cheaper buying alot of these books online which makes it hard to stay loyal to a comic shop when  you can almost always get a book 25% cheaper buying it online. I feel the really big comic shops will soldier    on but alot of the smaller shops will not make it if they are only selling comic books.
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There used to be 3 in my hometown plus every 7-11, ampm, & bookstore carried them. Now we're down to 1. The ones that closed though, in my eyes had it coming, don't miss them at all. They banked entirely on fadish gimmicks- the variant covers, card sets, charged through the roof for the hot new "rare" comic and had awful customer service to boot. Tip to comic store owners- don't criticize the books your customer is buying to your customer's face or constantly whine about the industry in general. If you're not enjoying what you're doing, open an ice cream parlor. The guy thats still around is a truly a nice dude that goes out of his way for his customers, he deserves to be the last one standing. 

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That is the way all comic shops should be, if you have a cool relationship with the owner and the workers there then it becomes more then just a shop to buy books. You can chit chat about what is going on and make going there just a fun as reading the books.
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There may only be one comic shop in my city but its only gotten bigger and better over the past 10 years.

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Absolutely, he truly loves comics. I've bought a couple of issues from him where he had to hold it in his hands for a while because he was having a hard time letting it go. One back issue I bought the dude got a little misty eyed, held it up, & kissed it like he was selling his first born. I almost felt bad. I think a lot of those 90s stores that popped up were in it to make a quick buck and drowned when the bubble burst. If nothing else the stores that are still around you know they're still in the game because they love the industry and survived probably the harshest period they'll have to go through in the late 90s. 
I feel what thabigred is talking about though having to drive for a half hour one way to get comics... might as well buy them online.

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If I'm going to buy online I usually go for the trades. Paying for 3-4 dollars with shipping is a little to much. Really I guess this rant comes down to, I miss having a comic book shop within a bike rides distance. Maybe one of these used game stores can switch to selling comic books. There are already about 4 of those in my general area.