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This is a little overdue and I apologize. Back on September 14, we had our Big Live Show Live 3. This was basically our yearly subscriber drive showing some of the things we're capable of. After meeting with Vinny and Ryan, we came up with the idea of a game show. The premise is comic books are simply crazy. Lots of wacky things have happened. We wanted to bring in random people from the CBS Interactive office, have our "panel of experts" (Ryan Davis, Dave Snider and Jeff Gerstmann) try to convince the contestant they had the correct answer to the trivia question I came up with. Only one had the correct answer.

Let's let the videos speak for themselves.

Unfortunately the embedding is wonky so here are the direct links to the videos:



Perhaps we'll see the return of this "show"?

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@G-Man the embedding is not visible in mobile version of the site...
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@kartron: Hmm, wonder if you need to use the mobile version of twitch? So much for modern technology. If you click the links in the original post, does it play there?

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@G-Man: On my iPhone, it throws an error to install the iOS app and I did. But after installing it, it threw an error message "you need adobe flash player for this" in Safari. On my android (samsung galaxy tab), it said I have to install the Twitch TV app which I did. After installation the video piece went black with a LEGO kind of blue icon at the center... hmm... strange :):)... Anyways its playing fine (both link & videos) on my windows PC (Chrome)...

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These videos were super fun to watch!!!! :):)

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@kartron: They were more fun to be in! I'm all for trying to make this a somewhat regular monthly or quarterly subscriber feature. I just need to convince the others.

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@G-Man: That would be super cool!

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but it looks like you're the only one that wants to see it! No one else has commented!

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@G-Man: Hey! I thought they were pretty hilarious!

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that was great

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Come on fellow comic viners. These videos are cool.. Check them out.... Write comments here if you liked them..

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