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Occasionally I see a video game trailer. And I say wouldn't that be a best seller if instead of an independent character an established superhero replaced them?
 Or if the production company behind that game remodeled the game around a particular comic character?
For example the new Hitman Absolution trailer. I could see Frank Castle doing that. Or Crossfire from a villains perspective.
  Hitman Absolution + Frank Castle/Crossfire
  Mass Effect + Guardians of the Galaxy?? (Rocket Raccoon would be the Oddjob of the group, too small to hit!)

Does anyone else ever connect the dots like this? Any other ideas for mingling franchises?

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I agree with the Mass effect one

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The new Tomb Raider should be a game about Green Arrows origin as it's exactly the same

Metal Gear Solid and Winter Solider

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Daredevil and Batman: Arkham City.

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@TheCannon: Shadowland? I don't think Hell's Kitchen's ever been that dark
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@Metatron_Da_Don said:

@TheCannon: Shadowland? I don't think Hell's Kitchen's ever been that dark

I really don't care where it is, as long as DD gets a game like that.

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Tekken - marvel street levels

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@TheCannon: cool

sleeping dogs- sin city

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I would like to see:
 Venom (Flash Thompson) + Infamous;
 air dashes, web lines, tendrils with teeth etc.
and a karma system where he can control his symbiote more and more(good karma) OR he's more prone to become a hulking rage beast ala the MVC Venom  (bad karma). I always wanted to see Venom with a 3D fighting system. Especially the MvC Venom Shark attack.

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Dead Space 3 + Guardians of the Galaxy!
sic em Groot! 
maybe Nova, Darkhawk. U could nerf them by saying the aliens drain their energy powers :D.

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I always thought of it as Venom + Prototype

If you look at the main character's abilities and that of Venom, they are nearly the same. They both cause massive chaos, shape shift, consume to regenerate health, possess nearly the same amount of superhuman strength and speed, and they can both climb on top of structures.

As a matter of fact, Prototype plays a lot like Ultimate Spider-man. In Ultimate Spider-man, you take control of Ultimate Venom (One of the best features in the history of gaming) and cause rampage with nearly the same amount of power as Prototype. I actually consider the Prototype series as the spiritual successor to the Venom game play in Ultimate Spider-man.

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Ghost Rider + Dante's Inferno

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Thor in God Of War - There can be only one god of thunder.

John Constantine in Devil May Cry - New and different ways of murdering demons.

Zatanna in any HP game - Suck it Voldemort.

Deadpool in Assasin's Creed: Brotherhood - WE'RE NOT WORTHY.

Squirrel Girl in Asura Wrath - May TOAA have mercy on their soul.

Nighwing in Arkham City - Screw Batman.

Outlaw in Red Dead Redemption - Actually, it might be a good game.

Doomsday in Resident Evil - Come at him, zombies.

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@INLIFE: I wonder if Venom will ever headline a game again, I think he did it in SNES.
Never played Ult Spidey but Ive seen vids and I thiink its safe 2 say Hulk Ultimate Destruction was better :) If only  they gave u Guilt/Devil Hulk playability
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The punisher and metal gear snake eater. Frank castles early years in Vietnam

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I was playing Pursuit Force (a PSP game) in time trial mode using motorcycles, and the music reminded me of Captain America for some reason

and I was like, Captain America has a bike doesn't he? So there you go.

come to think of it you can probably do the same with Judge Dredd, and it would prob make more sense since he uses guns, and is a cop.

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Captain America + The Saboteur.

Deadpool + Just Cause 2.

Static + Infamous 2.

Ghost Rider + Dishonored (third person).

Punisher + Gears of War.