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This is not standard fights, but a special contest. For the context of this battle Batman will be on the Batpod, from the Dark Knight Rises. and judge Dredd will be on his lawmaster. They are both in their most current comic book forms, as well as being in full character, and batman, has full knowledge on how the batpod works. However this is a random encounter, and neither knows what the other can do.

While tracking a known criminal in Boston; two cops are killed, and Batman is blamed, as an APB goes out, Judge Dredd, crosses over into the DC universe, due to a temporal anomaly, and hears the APB, and begins to pursue batman.

Reason i chose Boston, i had to balance this fight as best i could, lawmasters are beastly, able to go 300 mph, in straightaways, something Boston does not have a lot of, Second traffic jams, making both people adapt, to ever changing environment. Third, at this time of day it can take over an hour and a half to go from one side to other, So it give them plenty of interactions.

Please Give your reasons, who wins this and Why

Location Boston MA Thursday at 5:23 pm Both start in East Boston ( the part above the airport)

Victory conditions: either riders vehicle is completely totaled, or batman escapes the southern most part Boston, thus sending dredd home

K.O or Death also Applies, if you can justify the fight

Also take level of experience and years of experience into account

First the Stats

Batman. New 52 version: height 6'2" weight 210 lbs age late twenties to early thirties

Power-plant. powered by a high output 650cc 4 stroke water cooled engine with direct port nitrous injection, Geared for acceleration

Weight: 730lbs dry, 750 fully armed. with batman, 960lbs ( in real life weighs an estimated 1100 to 1300 pounds)

Acceleration 0-60 mph 3.2 seconds 0-100, 12.3 seconds: due to the higher torque gearing

Tires: 20" front and rear all terrain tires, with a self sealing and inflation system.

weapons: two .50-caliber machine guns, and rounds, 1000 rounds total; one per side: two 40mm blast cannon 12 rounds, two grappling guns

Computer: Rudimentary autonomous A.I. that handles targeting and auto balance

Special features. the wheels can roll against their normal axis, seemingly for added stability in sharp turns or other maneuvers. This also allows for instant changes in direction - if the driver approaches a wall, the Batpod's central frame will rotate to keep the driver upright (the inspiration for this useful chassis feature, though never explicitly mentioned, may well have been the innovative wheel configuration on a Killough Platform, which itself was the product of research into omni-direction mobile chassis)

Now for

Judge Dredd: Age 73 years height 6'1" weight 185 to 200 lbs( unsure but i know it is around that)

The Lawmaster

Power Plant: Notron 4000 cc V8 KT23 engine can propel this heavily laden machine to speeds well in excess of three hundred miles per hour.

weight: 1600 lbs, 1800 with dredd

Acceleration 0-60 7.6 seconds 0-100 10.1 second

Tires: Firerock tyres are a triumph of design, for they are able to maintain a strong grip at all speeds, in all conditions, and yet are completely bullet-proof

Weapons:Mk III Lawmaster bears a Cyclops Phylon TX Laser Cannon and two machine guns, that fire 7.65 rounds 3500 rounds total , together with a holster for an auxiliary scattergun, a 15 round pump shotgun, high pressure rounds

Special: The on-board bike computer is a multi-functional device that allows a judge to access any Justice Department resource quickly and easily, whilst also possessing the capability, through the use of gyroscopic stabilisation, to actually drive the bike without a judge on board, and even fire its weapons! . Two storage pods slung either side of the rear wheel permit a judge to carry a great deal of equipment with him at all times

Can batman Escape the LAW?