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The Adventure begins!

The past, present and future of independent comics is now on display at This is the template for how indie products will be advertized, promoted and sold from here on in. Up until now, non-mainstream artists and publishers were dependent on producers and distributors from outside their companies in order to get their projects out to the public. Not anymore. The power of social media plus the current availability of services that are already programmed (and are either free or inexpensively priced) are leading to an explosion of creativity for all the world to see!

And it all starts with Bob Burden, the visionary writer and artist best known for his quirky Flaming Carrot Comics. The title character first appeared in 1979 in a magazine published by the Atlanta Fantasy Fair entitled Visions #1. Described as an example of surrealism, Flaming Carrot Comics can be seen as a superhero comic book turned on its ear. Formerly published by Aardvark-Vanaheim, Renegade Press, Dark Horse Comics, and Image Comics and appearing, or making cameos in, comics published by Atomeka Press, Fantagraphics, and Mirage Studios, Burden is now the Chairman of the Board of a publishing company that is virtually self-sufficient.

With some clever wiring, the Bob Burden Comics online store at started delivering digital products in December of 2012, but the store wasn’t officially open for business until January of 2013. However, this online commerce entity has been doing land-office business ever since! The mission of this venue is to display, sell and ship the best independent property ever with maximum clarity and speed. Additionally, the support feature, support@BobBurdenComics.comis monitored constantly to answer any questions.

So come onover,folks, click on our links and have a blast!

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Howdy, The day is just getting started at Bob Burden Comics. I went to the and it contained 2 of those yellow slips that tell you that you have a package too large for the box. I know that at least one of those parcels is from Topher Davila, one of generous kickstarter backers. He has a clothing company in California and he sent us some T-shirts! :)

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Welcome to one of our TWO cutting-edge on-site newsletters….ROXANNE SPEAKS! It will be the 21 Century version of the BOB SPEAKS! editorials that Bob wrote back in the 80’s. It’ll give you updates on things like convention plans and upcoming new projects. Hopefully, it will also be a depository for some of the great letters we get from our fans. The second current newsletter will have practical information like how to download our digital products and where to go to find what and is being written by Tony Dumont, your web developer and Production Manager.

It’s been a crazy busy January. Since opening the Bob Burden Comics online store early in the month, the new Flaming Carrot Comics website has generated more business transactions in three weeks than the former site did in over a decade! This is extraordinary, but at the same time understandable.

Back at the turn of the century there were only 361 million internet users. Now there are about 2,000 million. And the daunting reality of this situation is that nearly half of these users are on the Asian continent.

This purely statistical advantage certainly is working in our favor, but internet user numbers alone are not the only key to our success. Social media, especially Facebook, has exploded far beyond anyone’s expectations. The Social Network has fabulous benefits, but also nefarious dangers and has to be used carefully and STRATEGICALLY! We have been using Facebook as a great advertizing tool. It costs us nothing but the exposure that it gives us is huge.

And our runaway Facebook presence started with Craig Gould, a FB poster who had also been a backer on our kickstarter campaign. He contacted me about a month ago and made me what seemed, at that time, a strange offer. He asked me if I cared to be the administrator of the Flaming Carrot character page on FB. He told me that HE was currently the admin, but that hardly any people went to The Carrot’s page. This was the case because Craig, who knew little about what was going on in our organization, was at a loss as to what to post to make the page interesting and exciting. As soon as I read Craig’s post, I turned to Tony and read him what Craig had written. Without flinching, Tony said to tell Craig “Yes!” which is what I did. So Craig handed me the reins, with Bob and Tony as co-admins. Bob will actually play the role of The Carrot on occasion, but most of the time it is me who is doing the talking. Tony, however, never jumps on as the Carrot. So if you ever read a post from The Carrot and think, “Is that a comment from Tony?” the answer will always be “No.” Tony is here for technical support and should always be taken seriously. I, however, am free to make a fool of myself. This character page has turned out to be gobs of fun and Facebook subscribers are “liking” it a lot! Additionally, the success of The Carrot character page spawned the idea of my administrating the Mysterymen Comics page as well which has also been generating plenty of noise.

While I’m on the subject of Tony, HE is the third ingredient that was absent from the original Flaming Carrot website. Tony started programming in the 80’s. While Flaming Carrot Comics were gaining momentum, Tony was hard at work honing his craft. And when I was generating my own original comic book lettering fonts, Tony, coincidently, was in technical support at Macromedia for the Fontographer program…the program that I was employing. By the time the first decade of the current century came around, Tony was at the pinnacle of his programming career. He led a team of programmers whose mission was to create artificial intelligence to predict financial trends for a hedge fund. This was his last corporate job. He developed an intense dislike for corporate politics and ended up “dropping out” to fade into obscurity, which almost identically mirrored what had happened to Bob after the Mystery Men movie. Long story short, Bob and Tony met a couple of years ago and the rest is history.

We have fulfilled all our kickstarter orders now, except for THE GREAT RACE posters, which are still in production. When we opened our store a line the fans, who had missed the kickstarter several months before, had queued up to get a second crack at some of the products that were in the campaign. And the really great thing about the store opening is that we didn't get a SINGLE cancellation from all the customers who had been standing in the queue, some since as early as the beginning of September! Well, That’s All Folks! (from me.)

Now here is the really important part of this news broadcast. We want to see letters! Lots and lots of letters!!! Like back in the 80’s! We would like to see letter-hacking brought back stronger than ever! We’d also love to see your videos about The Carrot and other Bob Burden properties!...or Fan Art…or photos of your costumes…or animations…or ANYTHING Burdenian! It’s all up to YOU…the fans!!! Please send all submissions to

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Can someone maybe sum these posts up in two or three sentences?


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The Letters to the Editor sections in comics used to be so much fun to read.  Glad you guys are trying to recapture that in a way. : )

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Wow. The site is really fantastic.

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Hey there, Turok! Roxanne speaking. Feather was in Atlanta yesterday and came to visit me and Tony at Bob's house. She met Velcro, and played Super Mario with Tony. Bob even gave her an inking lesson! LOL!!!

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Hi Roxanne! That is awesome for Feather! I can imagine petting Velcro myself though You and Bob would awe me to silence. I know this from the time I skulked near Jim Shooter at NYCC.

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@M.S. Feather:

Do you still want a Lupin box, Feather? Are you coloring some images that you like? ;-)


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@BobBurdenComics: Yeah, I've got a lot to go through though.  I have nineteen volumes that average two hundred pages each.  That's a lot of panels... ^^'
@turoksonofstone: It was very generous of Mr. Burden to offer to show me some tips considering I have no delusions of ever becoming a professional.  Someone else may have considered it a waste of time...  Velcro and his humans are good people. :3
Glad you got to meet Jim Shooter!
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@M.S. Feather:

Roxanne again. Take your time, sweetie. I have a bunch of other stuff I have to take care of right now.

And thanks for offering to put The Hacienda into some kind of logical order when you where there. I don't think it will EVER happen! Tony has been trying to get Bob to operate in any way that makes sense in the real world for the last couple of years, and I've been doing the same for decades.

The next time you come to Atlanta, you'll have to come over to MY place and see my treasures! My anal-compulsiveness will make you wonder how Bob and I could ever even have anything to do with each other. LOL!

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I added a new category at the Bob Burden Comics online store. It’s called Roxanne’s Garage Sale. I’ll be putting more items on sale over the weekend, but first, I’d like to explain what Rox’s Boxes are all about.

I had spent some time at a Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC, with John Cassaday. I think it was in 2004, because John’s hotness was at a high point due to his awesome work on Astonishing X-Men. I was so won over by the covers, I was actually following the series, and I’ve followed very few mainstream titles in my entire life. John had done a sketch for me at Heroes and I wanted to do some artwork for him in return. I went to a local Michael’s to pick up some supplies and something caught my eye. There was a section where wooden boxes of all shapes and sizes were being sold. Then the idea struck me. Instead of returning art for art, I’d do something more original. I’d use Cassaday’s art to decorate a box and that would be my gift to him.

I chose a hexagonal box that closed magnetically and got to work. As soon as I got to a point where I had to let some paint dry, I pulled out a cheese box (the wooden kind that brie comes in) from the refrigerator. Then I found another cheese box in the garbage. The first cheese box, I glued Alex Ross art on…I think. And I kept on going from there.

Some of the boxes got to the artists whose artwork was on them. Some didn’t. I know for sure that Jason Pearson got his box, and Arthur Suydam got several. Charles Vess got a box, but his box was made up of Arthur Rackham’s art (Charlie’s favorite artist).

James Jean didn’t get a box. He got a little wooden FABLES stable, with little hinged doors that opened up to show tiny wooden barnyard animals with glow-in-the-dark eyes. But contrary to the artists that I just mentioned in the last paragraph, I didn’t know James Jean from Adam, and almost had security come after me at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) for stalking James while he was giving some kind of panel.

When other fans saw my crafts, I got commissions for awhile. I know that the first one had me using Conan art by Barry Windsor-Smith. However, at some point, I had to give up this hobby. Because of financial pressures, I no longer had the time.

As I said earlier, some of the boxes got to the artists they were made for and some of them didn’t. John Cassaday never did get that first box. After years of not running into him again at one convention or another, I ended up sending it to Lukas Zenisek an X-Men fan in Australia. And whatever happened to the Flaming Carrot boxes? They are now the property of Tony, our Production Manager at Bob Burden Comics.

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@M.S. Feather:

Hi, Feather! I started on your box, but it's been one thing after another. Right now it's just Tony and me at The Hacienda. He's catching up on BBC business after being away for a couple of weeks and I've got my own marching orders until Bob gets back from being away since before Tony got back.

Bob will be back in a couple of days and then Tony and Bob will get back to work. At that point, I hope to spend more time in my condo again and concentrate on getting that box finished. Then we can talk about my getting it to you and your paying me. ;-)

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@Roxanne Starr: Thanks for the update!
No time to laze while the Hacendado is away? ^^
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@M.S. Feather:

I was hoping it WOULD be, but no such luck! Sigh...

Tonis is having to manage all the stuff that Bob didn't do when Tony wasn't around cracking a whip on his butt. Bob's lazy...what can I say?

And I'm having to deal with BS that came up last summer that I didn't handle correctly in the first place. I'm lazy too. :(

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@M.S. Feather:

Your Lupin box is done, Feather. I'll be posting it in the BobBurdenComics store in a little bit. That way others can see it, but I will only sell it to YOU. We already have all your information because you've been in our system since the kickstarter. ;-)

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@BobBurdenComics:  Thanks, Roxy.  I can't wait to see it! :D
I'm going to be moving in late April or May, so I'll be sure to update my address when the time comes.  Hopefully once my finances stabilize after the move I can become a regular customer.
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@M.S. Feather:

It's in the store now!

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@M.S. Feather:

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@BobBurdenComics: That is fabulous...  With all the stars and glitz it would look perfect next to my light-up disco Lupin.  Haha.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! ^^
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@M.S. Feather:

Glad you like it, Feather!

But you failed to mention to the folks here at CV that the box Glows In The Dark! ;-)