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With the new 52, and now with the upcoming Marvel NOW, how many people are getting led away from these two big publishers to arguably much fresher content being generated by the independents rather than the same people and stories being rehashed over and over again. I keep trying to get back into Marvel and DC, but I keep finding myself much more drawn to all the awesome new stories being generated by the other publishers.

As an addition to this, I'm interested to know how many people are actually shying away from superheroes? Whilst all the superheroes got me involved in comics, and I still love reading about dudes like Deadpool, Daredevil etc, I'm actually finding myself drawn much more to stories of either everyday folk or new and fresh environments and backstories that haven't been done ad nauseam.

With DC/Marvel, writers and artists seem to change all the time, resulting in characters we love almost being re-imagined from one issue to the next. I'm not saying that doesn't happen with the smaller publishers, but it seems much less prevalent.

Take TWD for instance. 101 issues, plus extras, and apart from a small artistic change right at the beginning, it's had the same creative team all the way through, and it's just attracting more and more readers. No superheroes, so it's easier to relate to the characters, and they're often flawed, selfish, egotistical, and maniacal even in some cases.

Anyway, I'm just curious as this is an issue that keeps rattling around in the back of my brain as I continue my re-emergence into comics, and wanted to know how everyone else felt about it.

Apologies if this is in any way inflammatory or such a rehashed topic that no one wants to answer, I'm fairly new to these forums.


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@Trask: Honestly I don't know what I'd want after dropping Marvel completely. I know I'm sticking with DC just because of the great work on Wonder Woman and Aquaman but other than that, I don't know what publisher does what.

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I've always read superhero comics and can't imagine myself giving them up

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I've definitely been moving more from the mainstream over into independent comics. I never really read much Marvel to begin with, but I was hugely into DC up until I realized how stupid the relaunch is. While I was already reading Image books, the relaunch has further pushed me into reading more stuff from them, and also many of the older books in DC's library.

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@Eternal19 said:

I've always read superhero comics and can't imagine myself giving them up

Same I'm to embedded with the genre and characters to just quit, but I have been checking out stuff from other places on and off for alittle while now.

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I have been reading independent comics for a long time now, so I definitely wouldn't mind not reading superhero comics for awhile.

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Hmm, I can't really get into independent works . Walking dead does nothing for me. Judge dredd is supeheroish

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I read Walking Dead, Crossed, Hellblazer, Dan the Unharmable, Conan, Red Sonja, and Swamp Thing/Animal Man

The only "superhero-ish" titles I read are Batgirl, Birds of Prey and that is only cause of Barbara Gordon...its a childhood thing...