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Considering I only recently learned about Wood (Lobdell hasn't impressed me in a long while so he wouldn't have made my list), your question is weighing heavily on my mind. As a comic affecionado, I love Wood's work -- from Local (so amazing) to Conan and others (Mara) and of course, the adjectiveless X-Men. Wood's depiction of all his characters - not just the female ones - I appreciated, and his outspokeness in the past about gender issues (both in the comics themselves and in the creating of them) has been negated to an extent. I just feel a deep sadness over this to be honest. I genuinely feel very let down.

Wood is an amazing writer. But for me, this will affect my support of him.

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I really like most of what Remender does. Aaron wrote Scalped so I gotta include him. I liked Y the Last Man and love Saga so also Brian K. Vaughn. There's other great writers but these 3 spring to mind right now.

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Brian Azzarello, Tom Waltz, Jason Aaron, Justin Jordan, Mark Waid and Greg Pak are some of my favourite current comic writers at the moment.

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Ed Brubaker, Kurt Busiek, Greg Rucka, Brian K Vaughan, John Hickman, Scott Snyder

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...everyone who writes at Image and Valiant?

seriously, those guys have killed it this year. I was reading almost no indie books before this year now im reading double digits :p

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Jason Aaron

Geoff Johns

Jeff Lemire

Jonathan Hickman

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Right now it be

Mark waid

Brian k vaughn

Scott snyder

Jeff lemire

Matt fraction

......an hopefully warren ellis soon for moon knight

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@tupiaz said:

@squalleon said:
  • Scott Lobdell.
  • Ann Nocenti
  • Tony S Daniel

These are legends....

Read Ann Nocenti's Daredevil?

Many have told me that it is excellent but one good work over 5 atrocious ones aren't a sign of a good writer.

Scott Lobdell had a legendary Xmen run in the 90s but that's it, everything else is mediocre at best.

Even his X-Men run is mediocre.

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Grant Morrison, Mark Waid and Ed Brubaker come to mind.

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Morrison, Waid, Azz, Tomasi, Fraction.

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Chris Yost,Greg Pak,Robert Kirkman,Brian Azzarello and others.

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No love for Jimmy Palmiotti?