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One of my votes is Street Fighter III New Generation Arranged Album

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Final fantasy 6 japan aka final fantasy 3 USA

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Final Fantasy 8 and Kingdom Hearts

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The Brutal Legend soundtrack has to be the best.

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Soul Calibur II is also good

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Any Megaman or Castlevania game. 8-Bit never sounded so good.

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Spyro: Year of the Dragon had a pretty awesome soundtrack, had interesting percussion due to the fact that Stewart Copeland from The Police played percussion on it.

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Gears of War 1-3 were very good off the top of my head.

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This gem of a game known as "Beyond The Beyond" was fairly mediocre, but I loved the sound track


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I really liked the Morrowind and Oblivion themes.

Super Robot Wars (a Japanese turn-based RPG) has a fantastic soundtrack too.

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The one from AC:Revelations...

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Final Fantasy 9 and the entire Halo franchise.

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The entirety of Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood, the original Halo trilogy, and especially the Mass Effect trilogy.

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THUG - Tony Hawk's UnderGround

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Assassins creed 2 without a doubt.

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Asura's Wrath as well.

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@veshark: which one?

For SRW? OG for me.They really have great, distinct themes for each character and each scene.

When I bought the PS2 updated edition, I spent half the time just listening to the soundtrack included rather than actually playing the game.

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LittleBigPlanet 2

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All three Mass Effect soundtracks, and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are, IMO, the greatest, no question.

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Mega Man X

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The Metal Gear Solid series has very good, very emotional music. Probably because Kojima wants MSG to be the big, epic, emotional movie he never go the chance to make.

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Metal Gear Solid series.. God of War series ! Kingdom Hearts 1-2 (when I was younger and more in tune with my feminine side.. Those emotional moments with Sora and his friends... You could just feel the love through the words and music !) Sly Cooper was pretty good to !

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I can't say I know much about Video game music but Assassin's Creed theme songs make drool every time.

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Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic 06.

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The classic Mario games.